Little ol’ me!

Hi there blog world!

Finally decided to pluck up the courage and join the blogosphere 🙂 I’m very excited to have my page up and running and can’t wait to share all the things floating around in my head. A little about me first though. Im a happy, organised 20 something year old teacher, newly(ish) married (3 months still counts as new right?) who is loving life and enjoying each day as it comes. I have a loving, caring close knit family (both my own family and my wonderful inlaws…or outlaws as i like to call them) and i love…LOVE fashion and shopping! (yep a girly girl who loves her shoes and handbags….matching may i add!). I’m also a major major sweet tooth as you will soon discover on my many posts on all things sweet. I’m learning new things every day as a married woman (time to grow up and be less childish…although still clinging onto the child within) and after years of being an introvert and holding all the crazy ideas and thoughts i have inside i’m about to unleash it all! are you ready to join me on all things Jojo?? If so, prepare to go on this crazy journey called life with lil ol’ me where i’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on fashion, teaching, food, family and life in general….here we go, wish me luck! 😀Image

(me about to embark on the great big world of blogging!)


2 thoughts on “Little ol’ me!

  1. Asalam waliykum sis.
    Welcome to the blogging world. Mabrook on your marriage, I am also newly married… actually been married 1 year and 5months!! Feels like yesterday i got married. I loved seeing how your wedding went, all the colours and decor. Deffo inspired me to blog about my wedding too!
    All the best… do come over to my blog some time Muslimah In Solace.

    • Mashallah sis, congrats on your blog and your marriage, may Allah keep you happy always.

      Thanks for the comments, much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 will definitely pay your blog a visit too x


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