baking with the bro in law

Since being married, I have had a lot of free time (after all the dhawats and days out we have had anyway) to try out new things. One thing i really enjoy is cooking. I tried it out when i was at home with my mum now and then but usually left my mum to do it as her cooking is at masterchef level (she really is an amazing cook). But now i have time to do things i have been trying new recipes and been quite pleased with how they have turned out! My last attempt was a victorian sponge cake and shortbread biscuits (hubby loved these the first time i made them so decided to make them again for him) and all with the help of my lovely bro in law! 😀 I’ll post the recipe linksbelow in case you want to try it out and it really is so easy to make, you just can’t go wrong.

I usually google recipes from my phone and see how easy they are to follow, the BBC have some simple and easy to follow recipes which is where i got these from:

victorian sponge cake:

shortbread biscuits:

heres how mine and BiL’s attempt turned out, the sponge cake was absolutely delish! (even tho eager beaver BiL decided to add the buttercream whilst the cake was still hot resulting in some meltage….we recovered it by refrigerating it quickly though! lol)

our victorian sponge cake!

our victorian sponge cake!

a slice of yumminess!

a slice of yumminess!

shortbread biscuits decorated in red icing

shortbread biscuits decorated in red icing




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