Chicken pastries!!

A while back when I first got kind of interested in cooking (also around the same time my mum was saying no one would marry me because I couldn’t cook lol) i started watching my mum and asking questions about what she was doing, how much of this was going in to a dish, how do you know it’s ready etc. and eventually started writing down her recipes in the proper quantities (my mum is so good she tends to throw ingredients in from memory).

I now have a book of her recipes and found that when making curries, the masala or the base of the curry is usually the same. When my mum went to Pakistan one summer I took the opportunity to try it all out. Obviously at the time some dishes went wrong but over time I have improved. One dish I loved is the chicken pastry or samosas my mum makes, mmmmm! My mouth waters just thinking of it.

I tried it out a few weeks back and it took me forever but thankfully came out delicious! My hubby and in laws enjoyed it too which made my day. I dnt measure the ingredients as such anymore because I’m used to making the masala quite easily now but I’ll write up the recipe below and you can try it out. Here are how mine turned out (the pastry was rolled out by my helpful mother in law) 🙂


2 large onions diced
Sunflower oil
2 Green bullet chillies chopped
2 pieces of garlic chopped
3 or 4 tomatoes ground into purée
A small dollop of tomato purée (optional)
1 tsp salt (add more to your taste)
Tablespoon of chilli powder
Tablespoon of garam masala
2 or 3 tablespoons lemon juice
1kg chicken in small pieces
3 potatoes chopped in small pieces (optional)
Puff pastry
Beaten egg

-Add sunflower to a pan enough to sautée onions, brown onions
– add green bullet chillies and garlic
-add tomatoes
Add chilli powder, garam masala, salt and lemon juice
-Wait until oil settles on surface of the masala then it’s ready for the chicken to be added.
-cook chicken until half cooked then put in the potatoes if you are using them
-cook through until the masala is dry (if there is a lot of water released from the chicken, keep cooking until it begins to dry out)
– put oven on to gas mark 4
– roll out pastry to about 1cm thick cut into desired shape and add filling and fold over using a fork to seal the edges.
-Brush with egg over the top
– bake until golden on top.




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