The Engagement

It’s been a little while since i’ve been married (3 months now) and it seems like so much longer! The whole point of me wanting to blog was to talk about how my life and perspective changed at such a crucial time in a girls life. A part of me wishes I had started blogging before the wedding to show the buildup of how it all felt and kept a better record of things, but better late than never. As weddings are so long, i will probably post this in parts. I come from a close knit loving and moderately religious family and one i wouldnt change for the world. I am one of 5 siblings, I have an elder sister F who has 4 crazy but beautiful children (little addition arriving to her family only a few months ago, post about her soon), my brother W, Middle sis M and my younger sis N.

When the rishta from my husband’s family first came I had no idea what to expect. I knew it would be formal as the families would be meeting for the first time and sussing out whether they would accept any proposals. Turned out my husbands family is THE nicest family you could ever wish for, obviously i will be posting more on them a little later on (dont want to get sidetracked right now) but both families were happy and after some more talks back and forth later on, we decided to get engaged!

We decided to keep it a family affair (im not one for making a big hoo ha out of something personal just for show) and the preparation began! luckily for me i have 4 very hands on sisters and a sister in law to help out so they all helped take a chunk out of the organising for the day. We decided (after much umm-ing and ahh-ing) to keep the engagement in the house (i.e. exchanging of the ring, feeding us sweets etc) and then onto to a restaurant to save mum the hassle of cooking.

we basically had a week to find a ring, a dres, a restaurant for a large family affair, and a hair and makeup lady! with Lady luck on my side (and my sisters again of course) everything was handled last minute. me and my big sis F and little sis N traipsed around for 2 days looking for ‘the dress’, and finally found one in a little shop called Zebaish ( they design one off peices and after some looking around in a fed up huff i clapped eyes on a dress they had on a dummy, i tried it on and decided it was the one for me! it was just my style too as i dont tend to wear asian style clothing too much and this was a perfect blend of east meets west and an added girly touch with the pink.

my dress!! love love love it.
my dress!! love love love it.

the ring was also very last minute, hubby took me to every shop and place we could think of (we even ended up in the gold shops in green street as a last minute attempt and rejected all the yellow gold rings they had to offer) i was about to give up in finding the ring for me when i asked if we could go to lakeside just to check before the shops closed. we got to Beaverbrooks a half hour before they closed and were shown a few rings at this point i wanted to just go home and sleep but then i tried on a ring and it felt ‘right’ (they do say a girl knows when she knows) and that was that! hubby says he saw ‘a look’ on my face that he hadnt seen with any other ring i’d tried that told him it was the one! so we got it it a few days before the day. Was totally the right one even when i look at it now.

my ringgggg!
my ringgggg!

on the day i must say i was verryyyyy nervous! what didnt help was that my hair and makeup lady which had been recommended by the shop i had bought my dress from was terrible! she ended up using colours and styles that just didnt suit me and i was practically in tears, to top it off she said ‘she didnt have time’ to re-do me and left! i scrubbed off some of what she did and made myself up again with the short time i had before everyone arrived. (i did go back to the shop and complain later on)

engament hair

The evening itself was lovely, my sister put up a cool backdrop matching my outfit and co-ordinated the giftbags too. the gifts we recieved (well I recieved cos they were mostly mine) were awesome. once the ‘ring thing’ had been done everyone seem to relax a little more and enjoy themselves. This was the start of the realisation of how important families are and the fact mine and hubby’s got on so well meant a lot to me. We cut the cake later on at the restaurant and then home and i slept in a hazy daydream feeling….’right’ about everything.

my sisters home made backdrop, thanks!
my sisters home made backdrop, thanks!

All in all it was a wonderful day and even though we had a limited amount of time to plan it all i wouldnt change it! (the funny thing is i drove out to buy some nail varnish that morning and accidently went up a bus lane and got fined a few days later so will definetely not forget that date anytime soon!)

pressies from the inlaws. alllll for me!
pressies from the inlaws. alllll for me!

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