Easy chocolate cake

Last week I decided to adventures into the chocolate realm of baking and went for a simple chocolate cake recipe from the bbc website (recipe posted on a link below) I went out and collected all the ingredients and wrote down the method in case it turned out well. When making new things I tend to be abit anxious in case it turns out wrong and I’m aware of the amount of food wastage it will result in.

I put in all the ingredients and made the batch which was pretty much liquid due to the amount of water and milk that went into it so just looking at the mixture made me think uh-oh! But on I went. I put it in the oven and waited. I have a bad habit when cooking of checking what’s happening to the food every 5 mins which sometimes results in burning or like last time the cake collapsing when I opened the oven door! So I held back and let it rise. I did check it once though and it still seemed quite wobbly. After about an hour thought it was all done. I did make the mistake I must add of using just one tin and my two (I only had one) and the cake mixture rose over the side and ended up cooking on the grill (ooops!)

All seemed well….until I turned it out and it BROKE!!! Ended up looking like a furry monster from the film attack the block as my bro in law put it (he had a good laugh over it) buttttt he did again help me save the day, we used ice cream pots to mould the cake into and layered the chocolate icing on top and put in the freezer to set. When it was done we plated it up with ice cream and more chocolate icing, was delish!!

Soooo if like me you do mess up your cake, think of ways it can be rescued, where’s there’s a will there is certainly a way 🙂









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