Cinammon Sugar Pretzels

Every time I go to Westfields shopping centre I love trying out the Mr.Pretzel stand pretzels. There’s usually someone handing out freebie samples and yes I usually always have one. I never thought i really like cinammon till I tasted them on a pretzel (my good friend H Introduced me to them a while back) they are absolutely delicious!!!

So I decided to have a go at making them. I found a recipe online (link below) and went to the shops to buy the ingredients, unfortunately cinammon sugar can’t be bought and neither can baking soda so if like me you can’t find it, the alternative is fairly easy.

To make cinnamon sugar all you need is to just add a tablespoon of ground cinnamon to half a cup of caster sugar and voila. For baking soda alternatives I just used double the amount of baking powder to the baking soda in the recipe (in this case 4 tablespoons to equal out the same effect as baking soda would have)

To be honest I found this quite a tricky recipe because it involved things I have never done and me and using dough don’t mix very well but I had a go. Once the dough had been made I left it to chill till the next day when Amir’s family came over (less waste, more eaten). Bro in law came home and decided to join me and mum in law also helped out which turned the whole thing into quite a laugh. (especially as bro in law-Saq) is such a perfectionist, he youtubed making pretzel shapes and made some pretty good ones. Me and mum in law gave up and went for donut shapes instead altho the last pretZel shape I made turned out pretty good! The dough was a little sticky so we did end up using lots of flour.

Amir, Saq and cousins S, F and Adi came over and the verdict was…,..’bangin!’ which in my world means pretty awesome. I must say aside from being a little dense they tasted pretty good and almost like the Mr. Pretzel version! So for a first time effort….not bad! They must have been nice cos they were pretty much polished off!

What do you think? Have a go yourself and see how they turn out 😊








One thought on “Cinammon Sugar Pretzels

  1. I am getting a kick out of reading your posts. After reading your blog and your sister’s, I have come to the conclusion that you must come from a very fun family.

    Anyway, the reason for the baking soda in a pretzel recipe is to give flavor. I can’t imagine boiling them in baking powder. When we lived in Peru, it was also hard to get baking soda…we usually had to buy it at a pharmacy. In the US, they sell it in 1-lb boxes, and I can get two or three boxes for a dollar. Cheap, cheap, cheap. We use it for cooking, cleaning, laundry (not as much these days), and so many other things. For the next time, if you can find the baking soda, you will taste the difference. Baking powder is basically baking soda, plus cream of tartar or some other extra leavening agent, plus corn starch.


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