Family time and icing cakes

My older sister F invited my sisters and I, my cousins and my husband Amir and bro in law Saq to her house this Friday. We decided to order food in and have a nice family night in as it had been a while since we’d all spent time together.

We decided to take the children some gifts and new Baby fats (nickname for my new neice) some mittens and a hat for winter. The boys were given transformers, my older neice a Belle doll and baby fats also got a cuddly monkey soft toy along with a pretty dress. We also got a cuddly sheep for my new cousin baby M who was also coming around.

Before we went I decided to make a cake for everyone and made the Victoria sponge recipe (in a previous post) but this time wanted to add some buttercream icing on top. I went for a pink and green design (for the two gorgeous little baby girls) annnnnd for a first effort it was ok but I reckon I have some way to go before I can call myself an expert. The icing was slightly too runny so the design of the icing melted slightly. We all had a piece and it tasted quite nice if not a little rich (but that’s also because I’m not a big fan of icing myself, my sisters enjoyed it though).

The evening went well with lots of laughs and good food, we all gorged on junk food and fizzy drinks and talked until the late hours. It felt nice to spend time with the family and made me feel grateful to be a part of a family that has so much love and happiness.









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