The Wedding!

There is so much to write about the actual wedding day and the preparation for it so I will be posting a seperate post on the preperation. I will try and limit what i say as pictures speak a thousand words as they say!

On the actual wedding day i was crazily nervous! Even though I was already Islamically married, this was the day I would have all eyes on me! I am quite a soft spoken, shy person so the idea of sitting in front of hundreds of people was very daunting, I just knew i would get stage fright!
More importantly i was very emotional, this was my last day in my home and my mum did not help that morning by setting me off with her tears 😦

My sisters got ready very early and left for the wedding hall to check it had been set up properly and to add the finaly touches, shortly after I left to go to my sister house around the corner to get ready in peace away from the hustle and bustle and business of my house where family were soon to be arriving. Once i was at my sisters i felt slightly less panicked, even less when my hair and makeup artists arrived. My makeup artists was fantastic! I had had a trial with her a few months earlier to fins a style which suited me and i must say she made me look ten times better on the actual day. Once i was ready my parents came to pick me up in a mercedes chauffered hire car and off we went!

wedding clotheshenna 3wedding outfit - Copy - CopyIMG_1585 - Copy - Copywedding bouquet - Copywedding bangles

At the venue whilst I hid upstairs and waited for the groom to arrive i was kept company by friends and family until we heard them coming…yes HEARD. Boys being boys, Amir and his male companions had hired out like a gazillion expensive cars (they were very excited for him to be getting married so made that special effort….through cars!) and a dhol player who was LOUD which made my heart race even more…showtime!

IMG_1715 - Copy

dholamir and saq

Amir and Saq on stage waiting for me

Soon after i was walked down by my family with my entrance song in the background, I just remember being so nervous i started to cry until thankfully i heard a massive cheer from my work friends which made me laugh and gave me those vital seconds to quickly compose myself. (thanks guys!) I also remember just seeing Amir standing on the stage waiting for me and being able to focus on him made me zone out the crowd a little.

me weddingIMG_1811

my entrance me and Amir about to cut the cake

me n a weddding

Once on stage there was lots of hugs and congratulations from guests and wayyyyy too much posing and smiling for the camera (my jaws hurt from smiling too much!). The guests ate, we cut the cake (which was set up looking AH-MAY-ZING!!), handed out cupcakes and sat back for more photgraphs. The hall and stage setup btw was also fabulous and everything co-ordinated and matched perfectly.

wedding stage - Copywedding hall

me and amir modelcupcakes - Copy - Copy

personalised cupcake toppers i ordered

cupcakes!cakey wedding

welcome drinks favour boxe fruit table - Copy - Copy fruit table 2

head table wedding - Copy IMG_1572 - Copy IMG_1575 guest book signing table…cute baby pics!

By the time it was time to leave, my mum and Amir’s mum had already set each other off so i avioded all eye contact! I WAS NOT GOING TO CRY! (i had already at this point had some happy tears from guests as well which i tried not to react to), my brother held the holy Qur’an over my head as we left the hall towards the cars and the family and guests walked us all out. when we reached the car my first thought was ‘the car door is open, get in and avoid the emotional hugs!’ but I figured that would probably be rude and even though my body was leaning towards getting in I made myself turn around and start the goodbyes. I hugged my mum and dad, brother and sisters, aunts and whoever else was in close range and oh my god, i have never felt so sad in my life. This was it, my whole life and all the people i had ever known in it was being left behind and to see them so emotional pulled at my heartstrings, how would I be able to cope without them?? Luckily for me I also had plenty of words of encouragement and after about 5 or 10 minutes i couldnt take anymore and turned to sit in the car. I was waved off by all the people I cared about with duas (prayers) wishing me luck on my new life. The wedding day was over and a part of me was relieved but also excited…I was about to embark on a new journey with my husband and I had a feeling as I left everyone behind that it would be a good one…IMG_1937 - Copy

leaving for my new home and life…


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