The Fashionista Within

I have always loved dressing up from a young age and enjoy making that effort to look nice. I have also always been a girly girl in my style and general ‘me’-ness, I mean here’s me when I was little….diva!

me fashion

red lippy to match!

I think a part of me gets my fashion sense from my mum, she’s also very particular about her clothing/shoes/handbags and likes to make an effort to look nice and she has superb taste in all of the above.

I won’t say too much, rather judge for yourself, granted everyone has their own views on what looks good and what doesnt but I say as long as it gives you the confidence and little spring in your step 🙂

Also errrrmm…. don’t judge too much on the pics i’ve self taken (and posed for), who else is gona take a pic of me looking as good as I do everyday?! Some are random everyday outfits and some are of special occasions, One last thought from me is…Love yourself and how you look!

– “Always accept and feel comfortable with your flaws, that way no one can ever use them against you.”

me bridesmaidIjo7  yellow me 2 05112010356 07112010376270320116321109201024824042010087me eid rani outfit

special occasion outfits (Eid, weddings, dinners)

.03032011572 04032010047200720111186

(dress up days at school)

05032011576 05062010157smartish  07072010033  0907201003515042011678 10032011587  12072010057 13122010441 17032011597 21072010095    31012011501 050620111099 140720111168 200520111084  curly hair   me sea

(random ‘feeling pretty’ days!)


(feeling cold day, hours spent outside playing with children….results in ‘dont-care-how-you-look-as-long-as-your-warm’ days…kind of like the days we are having now!)


4 thoughts on “The Fashionista Within

  1. Asak:
    I just love all of your outfits and i must say you are quite a Fashionista. I follow your older sister’s blog and thats how I came across your blog. Wishing you a Happy Married life and Gold Bless. Keep Blogging.
    take care.


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