Sheba Kittycat.

I got my little kitty around 5 years ago…when Shenba first came home she was soooooo cute! (my little neice named her one day after she arrived)



She is the shy-est, most jumpy, nervous scaredy cat you could ever come across. Honestly, she sometimes even gets scared of me! even when im just trying to stroke her! bless lol, she’s also very fussy…but somehow I think she gets a little bit of that from me…ooops!

The poor cat has been bullied by other cats in the neighbourhood,(who have chased her into corners and come into the kitchen to eat her food and slept in her KatKabin!) lost for aorund 4 months (I was so upset something had happened and even ended up handing out fliers to neighbours) until she suddenly turned up one day mewling to me for days in the most pitiful way…poor thing, i never did find out what happened but was just glad to have her back. I had to stay around her a long while until she was back to normal again.

As a kitten, she was the cutest little thing and slept on my bed…which eventually turned into a bad habit and even as a cat no matter how many times I would try and get her to sleep in her basket she would sleep everywhere BUT the basket and sometimes find her way back onto my bed. The sweet thing was on some mornings when I was fast asleep she would massage my legs, back, arm to try and wake me and when she saw I wasn’t about to stir to give her some kitty loving would go under my sleeping hand and run underneath to almost ‘self stroke’…cheeky!

cat tongue

cheeky cat sticking out her tongue! lol

The funny thing was sometimes she would sleep in the funniest/weirdest places. Inside the little gap in the sofa, under the bed where all my shoes lived, on my legs whilst I slept, windowsill, behind carrier bags, under the dining table and the most suprising for me, on my chest pretty much near enough to my face…i certainly got a suprise that day! haha


sleeping…again. Her fave hobby.

Weirdly, whenever I felt down or sad about things when I was at home little Sheba was always around to sit in my lap and make me forget things for a while, stroking her and hearing her purr can be very soothing and as cat crazy lady I sound she made me feel better about things, almost like a comfort blanket…but a comfort kitty.

Since I’ve been married I’ve missed her quite abit, still need to get around to bringing her to my new home but I also worry that being such a feeble cat she might get lost again or not adjust so still waiting to decide. I have been back to my mum’s numerous amounts of times and she is getting used to the idea of me not being around so much, I try and give her lots of cuddles when i’m back (even though the first time she stalked off in a huff as if to say she wasn’t happy with me for leaving her…aww!) and let her know i’m still here to spoil her.

I do love my little Sheba, as crazy as she is she is part of the family for me…even if she is a bit of a scaredy cat 🙂


kitty  kitty 2




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