Snake Charmer

A couple of years back when I was working with my second class at my first school it was decided that rather than taking the children out we would have visitors in.  Now usually children go on end of year trips to celebrate another year of achievements (and stressing the teachers out all year) but to save on any more stress and also to save on travelling costs, we had various animals and ‘living things’ visit us.

This particular afternoon was allllll about creepy crawlies (fun…i know), the guy behind it all spent much of the afternoon showing us millipedes, centidipedes, spiders, worms and cockroaches which made a hideous sound when dropped (totally eww) and yes most of the children spent much of the time letting out little yelps and screams when he brought them round to look. (whoever imagined this was an afternoon of fun for anyone was surely having a laugh) 😐

Finally came the peice de resistance….snake time! Although he showed all the children the slithery creature it was no suprise that most drew inwards away from it when it came round. The few that decided to have a go a touching ended up doing a ‘i’m-gona-try-but-im-scared’ stroke resulting in pretty much a quick poke of the poor snake.

The creepy crawly guy did make up for it by sending round a snake skin for them to feel which was pretty gross but less scary for them. I on the other hand had handled a snake the previous year and decided to go for it again, he handed it over for me and it was….wierd. You always imagine a snake to be slimy but its more….smoothly oiled, kinda nice feeling in a way. But obviously snakey boy (or girl) had other plans and slithered away from me so i handed him back pretty quick. Weirdly i’m totally fine with all creatures legless, but anything that has more than 2 legs….can stay away! (i’ve actually invested in an amazing contraption called the spider catcher…totally worth it…when i find a spider i can catch with it anyway and i have it to hand) 🙂

This picture allllways makes me laugh though because while im holding the snake the look of pure horror on the two childrens faces beside me are just hilarious! for obvious legal reasons i cant show them but trust me its funny!







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