A Christmas Prayer

Me, Amir, Saq and cousin Adi went to the local shopping centre today. Whilst rambling along we came across a Christmas prayer tree. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas and don’t celebrate it but don’t begrudge anyone who does.

I thought the idea of putting prayers on a tree from random shoppers was a lovely idea so decided to do one too. Although it was directly linked to the Christian faith I had no qualms about adding a prayer of my own. To me, a prayer is a prayer regardless of your faith and if I’m sending one then I’m sure God (or in my case Allah) hears it.

I wrote out a short prayer and added it to the tree alongside the dozens of others baubles dangling on the little tree. It was cool to see so many others had taken the time to think of loved ones. Let’s hope they are all heard 🙂

What would you pray for?




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