A Tip for free

For those who read my blog I would like to clear a few things up. I originally planned to blog to share things I felt were important to me about myself, life and general other random things.

I appreciate all those who come to my blog, read it and enjoy what they come across. Some people have been kind enough to leave nice comments because of what they’ve read.

Recently someone commented personally towards me about one of my posts and it was not nice at all. If you have nothing good to say then don’t say it at all. I’m not here to people please i’m blogging to share things I find important (so if you don’t like what i write there are plenty of other blogs you can go to to find content thats suitable for you). The funny thing is they actually think I might approve such a comment….well think again cos it was trashed as will other future nasty comments.

I totally understand that sometimes people may not agree with some of the things I say or post about or which they may not find interesting, the easy solution….don’t read my blog! I can’t stand people who assume they know better than you or have the right to try and belittle and make you feel rubbish as a result.

So for all the haters and miserable sods out there….keep your negativity to yourself!



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