The Walima

A week after the wedding was the walima, a day organised by the groom’s family to invite friends and family to celebrate the arrival of the bride in the grooms home post marriage/nikkah.

The week between the wedding and the walima was a busy one.However, Me and Amir did spend two days after the wedding at a luxury apartment in central London and it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding scene. We chilled out, relaxed, drank Sloers from wine glasses, ate out and went for romantic walks in the park.

When I finally arrived at my new home, my lovely mother in law greeted us with a flourish of rose petals before we entered (so cute!). The family had also made a huge effort to make out bedroom look perfect (they put up a temporary canopy, rose petal on the bed, love heart decorations etc) but will post seperately on my bedroom as it was made up especially for me months before. During that week I also got to know Amirs immediate family members and it was heaps of fun, they were all just so awesome.

On the day of the walima it didnt really feel like it was a big day, I was very relaxed, the house seemed calm and in order. Amir and his fmaily had been to the venue the day before to set up what they could and early on the day to finalise decorations, stage set up and so on. Because it was an evening thing, I had plenty of time to wake up late, eat breakfast (well…brunch) and get my things in order. My makeup lady arrived a little late around 4pm when I was left alone in my room to get ready (again I must mention she did a fab job!). By the time she was alsmot finished I sensed a slight panic happening downstairs and the worry of being late. Dearest hubby of mine decided to let me know it was partly my fault for taking so long to get ready (clearly had not heard of the brides prerogative of being late! it’s ok though…he suffered for it later) but by the time we left we were only slightly late so turned out ok.

walima 1  walima 4

venue stage and decor

walima 5

chocolate fountain! yummy!

The day itself was almost in contrast to the wedding day. The wedding had been very traditional in terms of dress, style and setup, The walima was much more ‘English’. I had opted to go for a white dress and Amir a tailored suit so the style and setup followed the theme. I was soooo in love with my dress, it was perfect! Because I wore white I opted for a blue brooch bouquet to tie in with the blue theme. Amir wore a matching colour blue tie and I also went for blue eye makeup which made me look sooooo goood! (if i do say so myself!) The boys had (obviously) again hired out super cars and I was escorted into a very suave, slick looking car. By the time we arrived at the venue I was quite nervous, partly because it was all eyes on me (round two), and also because it would be the first time I would be meeting alot of Amirs extended family who did not come to the wedding.

walima12  walima bouquet

slick!                                                                My beautiful blue brooch bouquet!


our entrance 🙂


my neice also had a bouquet to match, handmade by my sister.


my stunning dress ❤

The evening turned out to be lovely though, it was very relaxed and everyone seemed to be having a good time. We made our entrance (helped by my gorgeous little neice dressed up as a ‘mini bride’ who held my trail) and our way to the stage with gracious smiles and nods of aknowledgement. We sat and did the complusory photo posing for a while before we left the stage to greet guests and welcome them to the day (I always find such a personal gesture from the bride and groom makes the day so much nicer, the fact the time has been taken to greet family and friends and make an effort to show appreciation). We then went outside for more ‘bollywood’ style photos and poses just as the sun was setting (I know…how romantic), some of the things they made us do….cringe!

walima pose 2 walima pose

posing! cheesy or what… 😉


a more relaxing pose outdoors

We then came back eat (we sat on our friends table near the middle) with the guests and then to cut the cake. By the time the cake ad been cut and dished out it was pretty late and the idea of opening up a dance floor seemed slim. We had to leave the venue by 12 and by the time we had finished it was time to start clearing up and leave (Amir and Saq were soooo dissapointed! They had hired out a DJ especially and were planning a suprise).

walima 3walimacake walima cakecutting the cake!

Me and Amir left for home as did two of my sisters M and N who stayed with us to sit and chat with some family (and to show them my new cool bedroom!) before Amir and I got changed (me…very reluctantly¬ I could’ve stayed in that dress forever!) to take my sisters home an hours journey away (I know…we are awesome). On the drive home, by which time it was midnight i was totally knackered and ended up sleeping on Amirs lap on the drive home. When we got home his brother Saq and cousin Adi (bless them) had a song prepared for us complete with drums but i was so tired i could barely muster a smile towards them.

I couldn’t have asked for a more elegant and classy evening, I really enjoyed the day and I felt so much more comfortable in my dress, style and confidence, its a shame it had to end…although I’m sure some day when no one is around i’ll slip the dress on again and relive it 😉

walima end

ready to go home…


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