A Honeymoon in Egypt – Part 2

On the day of the Cairo trip we woke up SO early! 3am to be exact! (but I was pretty excited to this didn’t bother me too much). We had decided to go for a flight to Cairo which would take an hour as opposed to the 5 or 6 hour coach journey. Once we had gone through the formalities at the airport, the tourist guide took our group (of around 20 odd people from different resorts) onboard. The guide has set up and schedule for the day, first stop…the egyptian musem. The guide was super informative and obviously knew his history well because I certainly learnt alot from his throughout the day. During the museum no pictures or videos were allowed and camera were held in the security area (this was to prevent the decay and damage on the ancient artefacts). We all had earphones and speakers linked to the tourist who talked his way through each area and important relics.

IMG_2110 IMG_2131

Boarding Air Cairo!                             Egytian museum

We then made our way to the River Nile for our river boat trip towards a restaurant located on the edge of the river bed (the boat ride was so cool, to think the ancient egyptians had traded through the same waters!) From there we visited a paprus factory which showed us the ancient art of papyrus paper making (ended up buying gifts from here) and finally towards the pyramids!


boat trip on the River Nile

In my mind I had always imagined the pyramids to be in the middle of a sandy desert, I imagined that nearby would be the hustle and bustle of local market (slightly Aladdin style) so when we were driving smack bang in the middle of the city of Cairo and I suddenly spotted the tip of some pyramids…you can say I was shocked in the least! At that moment as excited as I was, I was also slightly dissapointed.


arriving at the pyramids, cuckoo with excitement!

As we got closer I could see that it was almost in a desert-y sort of place but just not the way I had imagined, it was like a 5 minute walk between the pyramids and the busy roads and buildings of Cairo city. Before we left the coach our cool tour guide was nice enough to share some tips about the local sellers awaiting us. He told us they would trick us into taking photos for us and then demand money and pressure you into buying their ornaments so to keep safe we should ask within the group to take photos of each other.

IMG_3343 IMG_3346

IMG_2162 IMG_2173

 hol10        IMG_2182

IMG_2169 IMG_2170

yes…we posed! haha

Me being me I rushed forwards to have a look at the scenery and wonder with a glazed look at how amazing it was to be so close to an ancient world. Amir took some photos and before we knew it a guy came along offering to take pics, we refused. However the sly little sod bunged a scarf onto Amirs head and encouraged me to take a pic which I did, he then bunged it onto my head before i could protest and told me to hold his camel. I had a feeling this was a trick so i refused point blank but he would not give up so i gave in and Amir took a pic of me with the camel…not suprisingly the guy suddenly marched upto me and barked .’MONEY!’ I looked at Amir who was about to start saying something and told him to just run which we did leaving the guy chasing us angrily. We took a few more quick pics and rushed into the bus again.


about to be chased…

We then drove closer to the pyramids and as we had all paid an extra £3 to go inside (who would miss an opportunity like that!) the Great Pyramid. If your clasutrophobic it is NOT recommended, even i felt a little stifled in there. However it was such a cool experience to be able to visit the burial chamber and the little rooms where valuable had been kept. To think that a few thousand years ago Ancient Egyptians had set foot in the same place, great king had been buried here….seriously…the mind boggles. I did wonder at the time if they were to see us now wandering around in awe and ogling their constructions, what they would think..

IMG_2199   IMG_2183

about to go in!

427951_10151190712628476_1362090039_n        IMG_2194

burial chamber


tut tut!


a quick pose

After we had managed to climb out of the very narrow long staircase and climbing on the outside of the pyramid (even thought it was clearly signed…Amir you rebel!) we got on the bus to move on to the Sphinx! I had totally forgotten about the sphinx and it was just as awesome as the pyramids, we took more photos and the guide talked us through some more interesting facts.

IMG_2205  IMG_3360 IMG_3366

Amirs cool shot of me with Sphinx and pyramid!

As we had been on time for the days schedule the guide took us to an essence factory where pure essences are sold to places like Paris and mixed with other ingredients to create top brand perfumes. Again I was pretty impressed so ended up buying 4 large bottles of essence which will probably last me a decade! (we bought Ramses II for Amir, Light Blue and Lotus flower for myself and Miss Dior for my mum and two free mini mint bottles).


After the factory we headed back to the airport and after some mayhem (turned out the essence bottles couldn’t be taken through as hand luggage as it was liquid! so annoying but we got it through eventually) and a few hours delay we boarded and got back to our resort by around 11pm, we were too tired to eat out and most places were ending service so we ordered room service and conked out.

The few days after that we relaxed and spent quite abit of time in the pool and re-learning to swim as well as enjoying more cocktails. We also went for a walk on the beach pier where some fish kept trying to nibble my feet…scary! We even fit in a game of Tekken in the resorts games room (where I whupped Amirs ass in a game or two hehe).

The day before we left we had an adventure day which was just fantastic. We did quad biking (which at this point was our second time, we had had a go earlier in the week) and I loved it! I actually got in to trouble quite a bit for straying off track until the guy ended up shrugging his shoulders at Amir behind me as if to say ‘what the…!?’, not my fault the track was too bumpy, I was just trying to stick to smooth ground! We drove for around 20minutes until we stopped at a bedouin place in the middle of the desert where they fed us (scrumptious food!).During this time i  must mention it was soooo hot! We wore scarves to cover out faces and head (from desert dust), carried bottles of water and were told to wet the scarves on to top of our heads to cool us down.Afterwards we went for a buuuuuumpy camel ride (camels unexpectedly stand up, almost fell off!) and then back on the quads to return the bikes (and more telling off for me on the way), just as we left the desert I did see a mini tornado and got it on film (you also hear the guy shouting at me to move on ha ha.)

IMG_3408    IMG_3417 IMG_3419    hol9

need for speed 😉

IMG_2265   IMG_2302


We then drove to Laguna beach where the water was beautifully clear. We got changed into our swimsuits (As a personal thing and also being a muslim I didnt like the idea of showing too much skin so for swiming I had bought quickdrying leggings (designed for swimming) and a tankini top which left just my arms on show) We put on life jackets and got onto a speed boat (every so elegantly…NOT). We rode out a little and jumped into the water and got our scuba gear on, it was very scary, even though i could still feel the ground (just) it was wierd looking and breathing underwater and being able to see so clearly. Because me and Amir are not very strong swimmers we did hold onto each other a bit and didnt venture as far as some did. At one point I got brave and left him behind but then got scared as I started floating over spiky looking coral but not as bad as Amir who then tried to follow me and ended up doing a weird dive which ended up cutting his leg…AND in salty water! Ouch!

The downfall of the scuba was the salty water, it was just eww! some ended up in our scuba gear and therefore out mouths, nose, eyes, ears. so we did make a lot of those ‘blargh’ faces trying to wipe it off without making it worse. We headed back to shore where a banana boat ride awaited, we were attached to the back of a speed boat and away we went! so much fun but me being greedy went for round 2 and oh..my…god. I regretted it later. We were speeding out when the guide in front flew off into the sea, I laughed for a split second before i was hurtled into the sea myself, I was so disorientated it too me a few seconds to figure which way was up to get to the surface. We swum to the overturned banana boat only so two guys to flip it over…onto ME who was waiting on the other side for someone to save me. Down I went again only this time i tried resurfacing i had a boat on my head! I panicked wondering what to do but stayed calm enough to feel around till i got to the edge and up i came to BREAAAATHE! I almost cried. We got back and Amir being super helpful laughed at me for wanting another go although deep down i know he was worried.

(we didn’t take pictures as we had to leave valuables on the beach in case they got ruined, we did have video man follow us though which we bought later on)

We then stayed on the beach for a while and had a go at windsurfing (i didnt fall over once and surfed straight onto the beach dry as a bone unlike some husbands i know of…who fell off 3 times and ended up hitting the pier) which was very difficult but lots of fun.Finally after a long but fun filled day we got changed and made our way back to our resorts.


having a rest

The final day at the resort was spent swimming in the pools again, having our last scrumptious lunch and making our way to the front of the resort where there was a massive water park. We had a blast going on the 4 varietys of HUGE slides over and over and even snuck into the kiddies area to play in there whilst it was quiet. We swam for aaaaages just enjoying the last moments of sun and competing in laps (i know we are sooo romantic) and trying to dunk Amirs head under water for a joke (wasn’t quite as funny when he chased me though). We then headed back to our room to finish the last of the packing and make our way home.


water park

IMG_3439 IMG_3443


The honeymoon was an amazing experience for me in so many ways. It was my first proper holiday and in one trip i had managed to see and do so much. I had also got to spend some proper quality time with Amir for a long period of time which was good for us and helped set us off on a good start to our lifelong journey. It’s not a holiday I wil be forgetting anytime soon 🙂

I pray that together we will be able to visit many more places and people, to experience and learn about life and the world together as well as about each other in years to come. xxx

(An extra note, the staff at the resort were so friendly. each day we came back to find our room tidied to perfection and the kind room attendant made us pretty and romantic things out of towels, so cute!)

IMG_2235 IMG_2239    hol 15  IMG_3254


Amir also arranged whilst we were swimming in the pools one day for the hotel to suprise me. I got out to find a towel croc with balloons and water toys completed with a sign saying congratulations on your marriage and happy honeymoon. Sweet! xx


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