A Honeymoon in Egypt – Part 1

One of the first Amir did after we got engaged was to book our honeymoon. I had never properly been on a holiday abroad (visiting my parents home country Pakistan does not count as a holiday thankyou!) so was super excited and told him he could pick anywhere. He decided not to tell me what he had booked (even though me and my family and friends tried guessing like crazy) and to keep it a suprise until a few days before we went.

Unfortunately the week between the wedding and walima, we had some guests around and Amirs aunt (who shall remain nameless) accidently in making conversation with me said ‘So i hear the weather in Egypt is nice this time of year’… at first i was abit baffled as to why she would say that until the slow realisation hit me. She immediately apologised and I would’ve acted like i didnt know but because she felt so guilty she ended up telling Amir…he had kept it a secret for arounf 6 months and as you can imagine he was not a happy bunny.  oooops! haha

Now i haven’t mentioned it yet but I LOVE Egypt! (I am a huuuuuuge lover of ancient history, heck i did a whole degree in History because it fascinated me so much) and as a little girl I dreamt of going there and seeing the pyramids and ancient world. So you can imagine my delight when I realised i was honeymooning there! yessss!

Anyhoo, I knew it would be hot so packed lots of maxi dresses and summery tops which were super cheap from New Look and H&M at the time, sandals and flip flops, sun tan lotion and a few pairs of sunglasses B) When we left i was realllllly excited, I had never been abroad without my family before and this was an odd feeling but one that gave me a sense of freedom almost. We arrived in Sharm-El Sheikh around 5pm in the evening and came to our GORGEOUS hotel (Amir went the whole 5* treatment!). I didnt realise until the next day how big the resort was and how much we had access to! There was pool next to pool next to pool (including a step outside our room) and a ten minute walk through the resort to the sandy beach. We could eat anywhere and anytime to our hearts content in the restauraunts dotted around (including indian, italian, english and other world foods) and it included night time entertainment, shisha places, cocktail bars and shops to buy snacks, food and gifts from.

IMG_1969 IMG_3241

                                                                                   outside our resort

IMG_1982  IMG_1988

hotel room

On the first day we decided to chill out, walk around the resort and have a lazy day exploring the resort and what it had to offer (which was loooooads) We basked in the sun (which was hot but bearable) and ate in the restaurant nearest to our room (which also had the largest variety of foods). The resort was absolutely beautiful, I could’ve stayed there forever just enjoying the scenery and calmness. Sharm El Sheikh is known for its popular tourist resorts and this one did no dissapoint, it was definetly top quality.

IMG_1993 IMG_1998

IMG_3265  IMG_3256  IMG_3451 IMG_2018

hol12 hol13 IMG_1986IMG_1985  IMG_2295 IMG_2296


The next day we met up with the local tourist guide who showed us what we could do in Egypt (both at sharm-el  sheikh and cairo) whilst we were there. I told Amir we just HAD to see the pyramids, how can we say we visited Egypt and didnt see the pyramids?! So that was booked. We also ended up booking an adventure day which included a whole host of activities and then left some days in between to recover and relax.

We spent the days leading upto the Cairo trip relaxing at our resort, swimming in the pool, eating good food (had some of the best fish and chips ever!), drinking cocktails (Florida cocktail – non alcoholic was just delicious!! We drank looooads every day they were so nice) and visiting the local shopping areas including Nama Bay and Soho Square. The hotel arranged pick up and drop off transport which allowed us around 2 hours to shop before going back to the meeting place to be taken back. Both places were super busy but Soho square seemed slightly more upmarket than Nama Bay. Both were verrryyyy crowded and full of market sellers who would stop you practically every step you took to try and sell you their wares. We decided that we would initially just walk around and see what it had to offer before buying but ended up buying things as we went along. I personally didnt mind the haggling and bartering to try and settle a good price for items (i learnt this watching my mum the super haggler) but I think for Amir the whole market place and idea of haggling was out of his comfort zone although he did try. I did feel his frustration as well because for me I sensed Egypt to be a more male dominated country and the women were very sheltered so with me walking around quite freely meant the men were slightly pervish which Amir (obviously) was not happy about.

IMG_2250  hol

best cocktail ever!

hol7  hol5 hol3 hol1 

totally delish!

IMG_2096Spa thererapy….soooooooo relaxing!


ready for the bus

IMG_2042 IMG_2056

Shopping in Soho square and Camel ride

The funny thing was that most of the places we went to and people we met assumed that we were Egyptian and would ramble in Arabic whilst me and Amir would be giving each other confused looks until they realised we were tourists which then changed their attitude to us slightly and in getting us to buy stuff. However we did meet LOTS of nice people and plenty of warm wishes because of the same thing. (Amir was much more popular than myself though I must admit but i think he enjoyed it…big head!;))

Generally the time we spent in Sharm-el Sheikh was amazing, totally relaxing and the perfect atmosphere and scenery for a honeymooning couple.  Our next stop though..Cairo and the pyramids!


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