Leaving Do’s and Pastures New

Last night I went to my good friend H’s leaving do. I had worked with her for the past 2 years as mentioned in a previous post and had loved working with someone as bubbly and quirky as her. Since leaving H had not seemed the same at work and didn’t seem to be enjoying it (mostly she said because of me). She didn’t seem to have someone close to talk to and the workload was a lot heftier than she was used to (she had gone from teaching reception to year 1 which worked very differently).

So after a term of trying she decided that rather than stress herself out and be unhappy that it was time to move on. The leaving do was a joint one with three other teachers who had also decided to move on.

I met H at her house beforehand and it was soooo good to catch up on everything and just have a good old giggle. She had definetely been missed! After an hour or so of venting, laughing, talking (some shisha-ing) and more laughing she got ready to go.

The restaurant we were all meeting up at was called Mirch Masala. I had already been there a fair few times with my family (and was actually one of the places me and Amir had our first proper ‘meetings’). It serves an Indian cuisine and from the times I have been there has been quite good.

We got there to find a lot of old friends and colleagues and there was much hugging and smiling and plenty to catch up on. It was ace to see everyone again! It was a lovely evening with good food and good company, I got lots of comments on how happy I looked (perhaps as a result of not working at the old place anymore) and how happy H looked now the pair of us had been reunited. H herself said she had not laughed or been as crazy in a long time and it felt nice for her to let loose now I was there. Certain jokes and certain relationships are only understood by a best friend methinks! 🙂

We ended up ordering wayyyy to much food but still managed to scoff it all up between us. I found the chicken karahi and butter naan very yummy, the lamb karahi was ok but a little dry for me in terms of taste. We also ordered ladyfinger curry, chicken biryani and a mixed grill to share.

By the time we left everyone was in good spirits, it was the end of term and everyone was looking forward to the Xmas break and new year and some time to relax and recover. For those moving onto new pastures we wished them all well and promised to stay in touch.

It was a great evening and glad I was a part of it. I wish my friend H and everyone else moving on all the best for the future and hope we stay in touch for many more giggles and catchups. X












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