Christmas day fun!

All of Amir’s family came over to spend Christmas day with lots of food, fun, games, laughter, love and presents (yep, some of us decided to do Christmas properly but I’m not complaining!). It was such a lovely day and everyone played a part in making it special so thanks to one and all. Im feeling super happy right now and a little giddy from all the craziness (and perhaps a little too much sloer…I do like to act slighty drunk when I have a wine glass in my hand) so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. I hope everyone had as much of a special day as I did 🙂 xox


(I made chocolate fudge cake! So pleased it turned out yummy, sweet table was scrummy! Contributions from cousin S and Aunty S )


(the food was amazing and plentiful, the company was awesome, credit to mums and aunts for working hard in the kitchen!)



(I made an effort to go Christmassy for the day! Why not? cousin S did a side plait for my hair to make me look pretty :)).


(we played lots and lots of games, fun fun fun!)


(then it was present time!!! So much fun opening them all and seeing huuuuuge smiles:) )


(I got some awesome pressies, a bathrobe from cousin S, a kindle from Amir which is soooo me and a Prada perfume set from Adi. Bless Adi he also gifted me and Amir a 3 day trip to Paris!!! Can’t wait!)


(watched a bit of Xmas telly…yep eastenders, amongst Aladdin, Tangled and Ice Age….love my cartoon movies )




(we then headed into the garden past midnight to do some shisha, play songs and sing, more games and warm hot chocolate with a radiator to keep us warm, we’ll be talking and laughing way into the night…! today has definetely been THE BEST CHRISTMAS DAY EVER!!) xox



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