A visit to the Science Museum

Me, Amir, Saq, Adi and sister N went to visit the science museum yesterday. Me, Amir and Saq got up early (ish) and made our way to our local station in Luton which would take us directly to kings cross station in around 20mins. We got to South Kensington station at around 12 o’clock where we would meet Adi who ended up at another exit (such a dope),my younger sister N joined us a little later inside the museum.


I had already visited the science museum as a child on a school trip and a few times with friends, I also went again briefly with my husband Amir but didn't have enough time to see it all (another story behind that, post coming soon). As Amir had not been to some of the museums in London we decided to start by revisiting the science museum and taking our time to look at everything.

The good thing about most of the large museums in London is that they are free to visit and you can pretty much spend a whole day there doing things (well..I can anyway). Our strategy at the science museum was to start from the top and make our way down (and also to avoid the crowds at the bottom).

Whilst we were there we saw sooooo many cool stuff and managed to laugh at pretty much everything (boys will be boys, everything is hilarious) and I learnt some new stuff too which is always handy. We went through the history of medicines in different cultures, computing history, science in the 18th century, signs symbols and secrets, musical history, energy, arts and lots more all of which had interactive areas, plenty of labels and signs providing information and easy to follow areas and arrows.

We stopped for lunch halfway and in between exploring Amir really wanted to see a 4D show of the RAF flight simulator so of course we went. I love 4D shows and have seen a few, the RAF was not very me and the glasses made me feel very cross eyed but all in all it was still pretty cool, made me feel like I was in an airplane anyway :).






After the visit to the gift shop where I bought some plastic glow in the dark make it yourself balloons (not very science-y but oh well) we all walked to Knightsbridge so sister N could go home to attend a wedding. We walked through Harrods (and yes I did want to fall over all the handbags!!!) but unfortunately it was very busy, busy to the point of walking in a straight line was difficult let alone trying to shop! We managed to get out (and see some beautiful fairytale window displays), drop N at the station and then around the corner from Harrods to get some dinner and of course….shisha. It was nice after a long day to sit and relax and enjoy some warmth (even though we were sat outside it was very cosy) and enjoy a strawberry cocktail and a yummy burger (nothing like fatty comfort food!). After an hour or two of chilling out and resting our poor feet from a day of walking around we decided to catch a cab back to the station and then back to Luton. I was sooooo tired by the time we got back! But still managed to sneak in blowing up some balloons and a midnight snack with Saq before falling into a deep dreamy sleep 🙂









The science museum was very cool but as I love history i’m sure we shall be planning some more visits to other museums. Next stop Natural History museum…. anyone?? 🙂


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