My bedroom

Before I moved into my marital home I shared a bedroom with two of my sisters (M and N). I can tell you now sharing a room and living with two girls and not having as much personal space as you would like can be difficult, but we managed for years. Whilst living with my sisters I tried to keep my things neat and orderly as much as I could given the space we had between us. Most often than not though it was very frustrating and usually resulted in an argument between us (‘your stuff is all over the place! Tidy up! You have more space than me! I’m gona chuck your things out when your not looking! Why is the room so messy??’ and so on). You can imagine my relief and excitement when it was time to move all my stuff to my in-laws house! I did not hang around to start packing!

As it was summer time and I was nearing the summer holidays I decided to send all my winter things first and then the rest in bits later. Amir came to collect it and his mum was kind enough to put things away for me there. Shortly before our engagement I had visited Amirs house and his room was a typical boys room (full of computers, weights, hair gels/sprays and clothes racks). After getting engaged his mum planned to change all that just for me, so his room was redecorated and my mother in law made Amir clear out a lot of the boys stuff to make room for mine (bless!). To be honest I was just happy to be finally getting my own space so whatever I had I knew I would be happy with but what I got was amazing! Amir and his brother Saq spent a lot of time and effort making it look perfect and the end result was a reflection of that.

I saw the room mostly done when I came one day to put all my things away in the cupboards (I now have sooo much room for my stuff and all organised and neat…so happy!). I even have my own lady like dressing table which I use every day, best part of the room for me (Saq also custom made the stool for comfort). BUT it did not look as good as when I saw it the day I arrived in his home a married woman. His family spent ages setting up a temporary canopy and making it all romantic with rose petals on the bed and love signs and teddies to complete the look, it was so sweet and made the whole experience even nicer.

Since having my own room we all spend a lot of time here talking, laughing, playing games, watching telly and hanging out and I totally love it. I also see it as my little haven where I can spend time with Amir, read, relax, and just be myself in comfort even when I’m alone. I can’t imagine not having the space I do now and I definitely would not change a thing about it. As I’m sitting in my room now looking around I am also very thankful for all the things I have and will be sure to take good care of the space I now own. On that note, I’m off to laze around, scoff sweets and watch some Disney toons on telly in MY cool room 🙂 x














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