Baby Love

My eldest sister F is awesome, I look up to her for the hard work and effort she puts into everything. Despite being heavily pregnant during my wedding she did a lot to guide me and support me as she always has done as a big sis. She already has 3 adorable but very cheeky children who I love to bits and everyone was so pleased number 4 was on the way. I already knew she was a girl so ended up buying and collecting baby stuff for her before she was born (some baby stuff out there is sooooooo cute!! Hard not to buy it all).

Since being born she has had the spotlight for attention (which my youngest nephew is not always too pleased about) including over my gorgeous little cousin who was born a few months earlier. The two together are a recipe of total cuteness, it’s hard not to want to squish them for it šŸ™‚

Since moving to Luton I make the effort to try and visit my parents and sisters as often as I can and I love bringing the babies little gifts. When Baby Fats (my nickname for her) was born I made my sis a gift basket of baby clothes and shoes and some scarves for my sis and a baby bath set with added extras I put together including a pampering set for my sis. Since then I’ve bought both baby fats and my cousin M cuddly teddies, and little dresses and shoes. My recent purchase was one I could not resist which was a moustache dummy!!!! She’s never had one but I had to try it….was soooo funny šŸ™‚




(gifts for baby fats and mum)

(Moustache dummy!)


(gorgeous cousin M)



(Sweet tiny baby fats)


(two munchkins together looking like their teddies) šŸ’œ

My sis in law is also pregnant and due very soon which means another little bundle of joy for the family and my only brother gets to be a dad! I love being an aunty and look forward to being a good one to this baby too. It also means little baby fats won’t be the youngest anymore (at a mere 3 months) and can play big sis for the little one on its way šŸ™‚

I hope both the little princesses and those yet to come continue to bring our family lots of joy and plenty more smiles and love into our homes, they are a blessing from above really and truly. X


One thought on “Baby Love

  1. Aww, they’re adorable!! I know exactly how you feel – I just drool shamelessly at baby stuff in stores; especially baby girl stuff!!


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