Amir’s cousin Adi comes around on Thursdays to play football with the boys. Somehow whilst I was going through my new found baking skills (I say skills…haha) it’s turned into a habit of me making him something sweet (and somewhat experimental) for his arrival each week.

He usually (as do the rest) eats most of the things I make being such a sweet tooth, even the time I attempted red velvet cupcakes and he sat there eating the lumpy half baked concoction with a big smile saying ‘Mmmmmm! Delicious!’ to save me feeling bad, bless his cotton socks ;)(even Amir took a bite out of one and left it on the counter before running away).

Anyway I decided to make something simple this week (especially as the last time he came to play football I was absent on a girls night out which he was abit sad to hear, no sweet stuff that day) and I wanted it to taste nice without going overboard. So as I have been using the BBC cooking website for simple recipes I decided to go for chocolate chip cookies, but not just any cookies, Millie’s style cookies! (the soft squidgy centred ones, mmmm). recipe here

I mixed all the ingredients and made small balls from the dough and flattened them on my palm before placing onto a tray lined with baking paper . I then put it in the oven to cook for around 10 minutes.



Unfortunately my ‘spacing’ techniques are yet to be perfected as the cookies did end up slightly squashed but fortunately not enough to merge into a mess and they were easily separated although slightly square looking (although who says cookies have to be round anyway??)



The recipe was easy to follow, and only took around 20 minutes preparation time and tasted absolutely delicious! I had also made a potato and pea curry earlier on so after dinner most of the cookies were scoffed by everyone. Adi sat with the biscuit tub in front of him and don’t think he could stop munching on them which makes me think I’m not such a bad baker-ess after all! 🙂 Have a go yourself and let me know how it turns out. X



4 thoughts on “Cookies

  1. Hi, I have been following your oldest sister’s blog for a few years, and I came over to yours after her post about the heart cookies. Anyway, a tip about chocolate chip cookies…just drop the balls of dough on the making pan and don’t smash them. They will always spread, so by not flattening them, they have room to spread without growing into each other.

      • Good luck on the cookies! I was thinking of making some, too, just not the chocolate chip kind. My boys have been dying for the kind you made at your sister’s. We tried a new recipe, but it was not our favorite, so we need to go back to our regular one. Once we finish the tres leches cake we made for number 2 son’s birthday a few days ago.

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