A birthday suprise

It’s been a few months since my birthday but have been meaning to get round to what I did. A month after I got married was my 27th birthday (although I defo feel and act much younger!) and it was the first time that I would be celebrating with my new family.

We had already celebrated a few members of my new families birthday shortly after the wedding including my husband Amirs 30th which was lovely. It took forever to try and buy things for him and keep it hidden till the day. He ended up with looooads of very cool gifts. I also ordered some cupcakes especially for him from my wedding cupcake lady, these were amazingly good and sooooo tasty! I knew he loved his cars and sports so got her to incorporate this in there. I also ordered him some personalised M&M’s. I stumbled across these as I was looking for gifts online and I was so glad I got them, I thought they were unique and gave it that special personalised touch. We surprised him at midnight on his birthday and I’m pleased to say he was very happy and I think a little overwhelmed.


Shortly after that was cousin Adi’s birthday and as it was a Thursday he came over to our house to play football too. We surprised him with a cake at the door complete with the badly sung happy birthday chorus, he was also pleasantly surprised at the cool gifts he got and from the huge grin he had that day I was pleased we were able to make it a good one for him.

Not long after that my birthday was due. I am not a huge fan of being the centre of attention and was already recovering from the wedding nerves. I had a feeling my husband and in laws would do something nice but nice in the way the other birthdays had been celebrated, surrounded by family, a few gifts and family love.

A few days before the weekend before the birthday (which landed on a Monday), Amir said he wanted to do something nice on the weekend. He told me we were not really getting to spend much time together as a couple and that my time was being hogged by his family. So I agreed to have a day out in central London. On the Saturday his brother dropped us off to Luton station which would take us directly to Kings Cross station. On the way he moaned profusely about not being able to come with us because he was being suckered into fixing a broken loo at an uncles house. In hindsight I should’ve guessed he was whinging a little more exaggerated than usual.

We decided on the train journey there that we would visit the science museum (as Amir had never been) and then go to the London Dungeons (as I love my horror stuff). We got to the museum but as the London dungeon tickets had been booked we had to rush through in order to get there in time (hence the revisit to the museum in a previous post). We queued for the dungeons for like FOREVER but the wait was worth it, the London dungeons was a very cool experience, lots of gore, information and scary bits! At one point when we were in a makeshift ye old school pub and the pub landlord was telling us about jack the ripper the lights went out. After sudden flashes of light I realised in seconds that where I was comfortably sat on a side bench was where ‘the ripper’ was waving his arms around and scaring us! Eek! I dived for hubby to protect me. It was related a lot to historical London in general which I enjoyed and the effects, costumes and style was very well done.

After we left the dungeons I was tired from walking all day ad absolutely famished. Amir suggested dinner for two at Edgeware road where a restaurant called Maedah Grill. I agreed and we made our way there. Once at the station Amir started looking up where it was (and acting like a dope to throw me off what he had planned), I however far too hungry to wait ended up asking a local shop and a man there was kind enough to walk us to the restaurant as he was going that way. We got in and asked for a table which again seemed to take forever! What happened next was a bit of a blur but Amir led me to a room which was curtained off, for some reason I didn’t question why we were going in there whilst everyone else was eating on the tables outside of that. I opened the curtains to walk in to a HUUUUGE bellow of ‘Supriiiiiiiiiiiise!!!!’.

I remember feeling in ‘slow motion’ and looked up to see my best friend looking at me, it didn’t register straight away why she was there so confusion hit me. Only after looking around to see all of Amir’s cousins and my friend and her husband did it click that they were there for ME! I was well and truly shocked, surprised, flabbergasted. In the midst of happy tears and hugs I managed to mumble my gratitude to everyone, I had never had a surprise birthday before and this one was awesome. I gave Amir a big hug for organising it all, keeping me busy, arranging people to come including my friends, gifts and the whole surprise thing.

We then ordered food and I looked around the little room to see banners put up, some GORGEOUS looking cupcakes arrayed on the table, two giant cookies with my name on and a huuuge birthday cake all set out for me. Before the food arrived and before Adi and Saq made a few ‘speeches’ in my honour I opened up the presents. I luuuurves what I got and for a man I realised my husband is rather good a listening as he managed to get me some fab stuff ( a coat I saw in a shop window, some designer shoes and lots of other little lovely things) Personalised converse came from Saq (bring on summer), and a watch from Adi which was much needed. I got some awesome presents and was very humbled by how much everyone had done for me.


We ate, laughed and joked our way through good food as good company before making our way to a shisha place where we continued the night where we were joined by my sisters. I had been so tired up until arriving at the restaurant but seeing everyone there really lifted my spirits and made me feel special.

On the way home that night I remember feeling blessed that I had such a loving and caring family around me and that they would do so much for me.

I thought that was the end of surprises until on my actual birthday which landed on a weekday. Amir had taken a day off to spend with me and just enjoy some time together as a couple which was nice, we decided later on to go for a drive and pick up a few things and on arriving home found Amir’s cousins, Adi and cousin S at home. I went upstairs and found this! Not being very good at surprises I wondered what it was until it sank in and they came up to wish me a good one which was very nice.


The pair had driven all the way from London with the helium balloons, they couldn’t fit them into the car and had had the balloons OUTSIDE of the car alllll the way, so sweet. The balloons were attached to a dancing robot man and woman which was supposedly meant to be me and Amir.


They stayed up in my room above my dresser for around 3 or 4 weeks slowly deflating until I decided to get rid of them. It was a lovely gesture and definitely made my day 🙂

This has been the best first birthday I’ve ever had as a married woman and I’m grateful each day for all the love and care I get from my new family. I hope we all have many more birthdays and happy memories to make for years and years to come. X


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