Cinammon Sugared Doughnuts

I decided to look up a new recipe for my sweet tooth addiction yesterday and decided on doughnuts! I just love love love fresh doughnuts but rarely able to find them locally.

I wanted a simple recipe because with me too many complicated ingredients usually results in a strange end product. The simplest I found was here. I already had all the ingredients at home so so it saved me looking for things at the shops (although we went to Tesco’s anyway in the end).

The recipe was easy to follow and simple to make, once the dough was made (I did decide whilst mixing the dough I’d use an electric whisk but ended up with dough flying around the kitchen so quickly put that aside).

I rolled out the dough on a floured surface and made circles with a biscuit cutter, as I didn’t have a smaller circle to cut a ring I ended up using a small star cutter which worked just as well.


I heated up some vegetable oil in a wok and cooked a few to see how they would turn out, the first two were not cooked from inside as the heat was too high so after lowering it I made a few more which were much better. For the topping you can pretty much use anything from icing sugar, chocolate spread or flavoured glazes. I love cinammon sugar so mixed some sugar with ground cinnamon for this. To make it stick I melted some butter and brushed over the doughnuts before rolling in the sugar.

I saved making the rest till my mother and father in law came back with some of the family in the evening as a treat with some tea. They went down very well and were pretty much scoffed down as I was making them. In the kitchen we had a mini factory going on with me rolling out the doughnuts and frying them and bro in law Saq sugar coating and sending them through.

They must have tasted pretty good (well I know they did cos I ate about 3!) as I was asked for the recipe by the aunts who were visiting, I initially wrote one out for Amir’s aunt and when the rest asked I got Saq to print them out copies from the site.

These doughnuts really are easy to make and although the recipe says ‘serves 6’ I must have made around 20 odd from the dough batch I got. So don’t worry about running out this recipe will make lots. Have a go and let me know what topping you go for 🙂 x




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