Baking with the Kiddies

I stayed over at my mums on Sunday night so I could spend time with the family and also meet up with a few friends the next day.

After my day out of catching up and playing a little top golf (which I’m terrible at! Altho I play for fun of course not for the winning…*ahem*) with my friends I came home to find my eldest sis around with the kids.

I had gone to the shops earlier that day to pick up some baking bits as I wanted to make biscuits with my niece and nephews. It’s coming to the last few days of their Christmas break so I wanted to do something nice that would keep them busy for a little while (they like to complain how bored they are and end up watching telly when yet are around which isn’t a good solution).

They were very excited and eager to join in when I asked who wanted to make biscuits. They quickly washed their hands and got ready to start. My niece the eldest of them helped me get together the baking trays, scales and spoons, her younger brother got all the ingredients onto the worktop ready to use and the littlest of the 3 jumped around like a jellybean.

I weighed out the ingredients and put into a bowl allowing them to stir and mix in turn, after some time the pushing and shoving started so I finished off the dough and gave them a lump each to start flattening before cutting with heart shaped biscuit cutters. (After taking out the cutters, my older nephew made a grumpy face before exclaiming ‘but those are GIRL ones!’). For each part of the process I tried to explain what they needed to do slowly and model so they knew what to do with less support from me (I know…the teacher in me came out, I can’t help it!). After arguing who got the biggest cutter and me settling it by telling them to share they got busy.





Whilst the shortbread biscuits were baking in the oven, I got the kids to make red icing in individual cups/mugs (to avoid fighting). It was quite fun watching them make the icing and say ‘eww it’s gloopy’ and then proceed to talk about how it looked like bogeys…nice. They added red colouring to go with the heart shaped biscuits.


I forgot about checking the biscuits and when I got them out they were slightly browner than usual (ok ok..a few got burnt) but most were ok. After some more arguing about who iced the biscuits first, some pushing and shoving and ‘I’m not having that biscuit she touched it!’ dramas, I split the cooled biscuits between 3 plates and told them to ice however they wanted. It was nice to have a few moments quiet while they got stuck in and concentrated on making their biscuits look awesome. Little nephew saved decorating his big heart biscuit till last, middle nephew gave up halfway and dumped the icing over the plate before saying ‘I don’t want a biscuit with icing I want a plain one! Honestly….no pleasing some kids haha).






Once they were done I set them aside to set whilst the kids poked them and argued over what’s ones looked better and which ones they were going to eat.


After dinner everyone tried some of the biscuits and enjoyed them although the children were quite protective over them. I think they ended up scoffing most of them themselves. I’m glad they had fun and it was nice to teach them something new. I left the ingredients and cutters for them to keep in case they wanted to have a go another time. Maybe next time I’ll think of another simple recipe or activity for us to do to keep them occupied, any suggestions are welcome 🙂 x



One thought on “Baking with the Kiddies

  1. I’ve got the biggest admiration ever (both in my professional and everyday life:)) from my 3 years old best friend’s daughter letting her play with fondant. Tricky, I know;-)


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