New York Cheesecake

My bro in law Saq wanted cheese cake this weekend, initially I had planned to try something a little more adventurous but not sure I wanted to be that adventurous! We ended up buying all the ingredients for it anyway.

I’ve only ever had cheesecake once before and was pretty sure I didn’t like it so thought that if I’d make it I probably wouldn’t eat it, it would be all for the family.

Once I had found a good recipe fairly clear to follow I later realised it would take around 10 hours in total to set!! Me being a rush around-want-it-now type of person had to hold back this time and just be patient.

We started off whisking three tubs of Philadelphia cheese. Whilst I was doing this, Saq was busy lasoo-ing the bag of biscuits around his head to crush them, then decided to crush them with a rolling pin and got busy making the base. I tried to whisk the cheese with an electric whisk which as soon as I turned it on ended up with cheese flying all around the kitchen, for a 2 second whisk that cheese travelled far! We were finding blobs of it everywhere!

Anyway we swapped the less violent whisk for a slower moving one. We added the ingredients bit by bit, me reading the recipe as I went along measuring and half guessing where I was and wondering if I should’ve whisked all the eggs together in a bowl or if I should have whisked to the mixture one by one and so on.Saq whisked the mixture as I added and had an air of Marco Pierre White as he did 😉 ( I jest, we did talk about what we should do first and next and worked as a team pretty well).

Anyway once the mixture was done we dolloped the creamy cheesy lemony mixture on the cooked biscuit base(which we had put in a baking tin with a loose base for easy removal later) and smoothed out the top which it sort of did itself and then put it in the oven to cook (I never knew it had to be cooked, always assumed it was just stuck in the fridge to set)





Once it was cooked we left in a open oven for around 2 hours before letting it set in the fridge for 8 hours!! (well more because we took it out to eat after dinner the next day)


When it was time to eat I was a little sceptical, especially because the edges seemed ‘brown’ which I’ve never seen on a shop brought cheesecake until I was later told that’s how it’s supposed to look. Buuuuuuuut it was a big hit! For all the semi guesswork we put in it was actually very very nice, creamy and smooth with a crunchy base. Saq was so ‘moved’ he even gave me a hug and my parent in laws also had two helpings. I was pleased that it came out so well especially for a tricky recipe (for me) and for the first time too.


We didn’t end up putting the glaze on top but it still tasted lovely, I personably think you could probably add any topping to it just to make it look prettier or add that extra to the taste (such as fresh fruit- strawberries or blueberries for example).

Anyway there’s still half left so maybe we’ll save it till Adi comes over in a few days, it’ll save me making something new this week and he can take some back for the others in London 🙂

I’m pretty happy I’m able to achieve the recipe outcomes I have so far and will definitely be looking at more challenging things as I explore to expand my baking skills.

Have a go yourself, save a few bucks while your at it (it works out cheaper making it yourself) and enjoy the taste of homemade goodness, nothing can beat it! X


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