The magic of makeup

Every girl owns makeup. Whether she wears a lot or a little she owns something, whether it be that ever amazing eyeliner or that lipgloss she can’t leave the house without.

I started the whole makeup thing in mid to late teens but have always been quite self conscious about how much I should wear or whether I should try new products. For the last 10 odd years I’ve usually just worn a bit of eyeliner as part of my daily makeup routine and perhaps a little concealer to cover up blemishes now and then. Getting ready for special occasions was usually a hit or miss try-out-new-colours-and-slap–it-on kind of thing usually ending up with me having ‘two toned’ eyeshadow (not at all blended), too much eyeliner, rosy cheeks and lipgloss which I ended up eating every 5 minutes.

In the last few years though I’ve realised that there are some colours which suit my skin tone and some which don’t (finding out yellow eyeshadow is not for you when you realise you look like an asian pikachu). I realise now that I’m an ‘autumnal’ coloured person and sticking to darker colours are more ‘me’. Obviously not everyone is the same and it’s up to you to figure what colours and tones suit your skin (and in my experience that’s thought trial and error).

Since being married I’ve become more aware than I was before about looking good and making an effort as a ‘new bride’ and generally just using that as a way of making myself feel good to fit in with my new happy lifestyle.

I wanted to go through some products we all use but also put out the idea that sometimes less is more.

Since a little before the wedding I had NO clue about foundations except that I never wore any and that they probably clogged up your skin. I had gone once to Selfridges to buy some Mac (as it is very very popular) and used it only on special occasions.

Since then I’ve realised that for me the Mac product is too heavy so I reserve it for special occasions still (although the concealer is good for under eye cover up and blemishes). There are so many colours and products out there its difficult to find a colour that matches your skin perfectly, which is why I was very pleased when no.7 bought out an electronic device that finds your skin tone (obviously only suited to their products). Since trying it out I love the fact the colour works so well on me and matches so close to my skin. I bought 3 types to give myself a little variation. The one I use most (essentially natural) is not only cheap but feels like you are wearing a very light product that looks natural.




For an even lighter product when I can’t be bothered to brush foundation on, I use a cream and foundation in one which is also known as ‘BB’ cream (blemish balm) which is also quite good and can be found in different brands.

My daily 'pretty' product is still definitely eyeliner and the ones I use most are the liquid type from Bodyshop and Rimmel. I do also like the gel eyeliner but that takes a lot more time and steady hand to apply. For the extra wow factor I sometimes use under eye kohl style eyeliner and over the years have tried looaaaadsss! The best for me (recently discovered) is master drama by Maybelline (which I have in 3 colours) which is creamy and very dark and smoulder kohl by Soap and Glory.


I also own a more pricier traditional looking kohl eyeliner from Guerlain in a lovely little bottle but as it is quite powdery it does end up getting a little messy. I do love the blue colour it comes in though.


For mascara which I hated wearing because I always got the ‘spider leg’ lash look I now have a few just brought on a whim to try out. However for me not many mascaras are very good and are often gloopy. I prefer to use define a lash by maybelline which is quite light but adds length or for a more dramatic look millionize mascara by L’oreal (which squeezes the excess mascara off the brush when taken out)


On special occasions when a little colour is nice to match with your outfit or just to jazz up your day there are thousands of eyeliners, eyeshadows and eye products to be used. For more day to day wear (especially in the summer) I go for pencil eyeliners in different colours (I have a rainbow array!) but my favourite are the bourjois range. I use quite often the smokey eyes range which is so easy to apply and blend (it comes with a brush). For brighter two tones colours under eye I use the duochrome range.



For an easy 2 step application there is also the duo eyeshadow smokey eye effect range. They come in a range of colours and are so simple to apply. I use these when I want a quick splash of sparkle.



For a more heavy look for weddings, Eid, parties etc I use powder eyeshadows. I have sooo many of these (palettes and individual colours), some bought and some as gifts but recently have enjoyed using the Sleek range which is a good price and doesn’t wear off quickly. I find that when I wear eyeshadows that after a while ends up very light and almost non existent. I’m trying to remember to wear a primer to avoid this but the Sleek range means if I forget it doesn’t matter too much as it lasts.


The bourjois range is also pretty good and as the eyeshadow is made of a baked formula lasts for a long time too both on the eye and in the pot.


With my cheek/blush collection it’s a matter of ‘whatever I pull oh of the drawer I’ll wear’ kind of thing. What I do know is that bronzer is a good match for my skin tone and I think works for anyone to add a little glow. I like using the Bodyshop bronze waves pallete or for a quick dab the Avon bronzing pearls. I’ve recently purchased a highlighter from Benefit (a little pricey) called sunbeam but admittedly it does give a nice glow to the skin.


When I do dress up my lips (very rarely) I tone down the eyes to even it out but usually prefer to keep the lips a nude colour. I use no.7 caramel lipgloss and lip liners or MUA’s lip plumping gloss (a great brand for a fraction of the price). That is unless I’m not eating it off every 5 minutes or just using plain old vaseline which does the job of keeping my smackers nice and moisturised. I do have a range of lipsticks but as I have big lips don’t feel confident enough to wear lipstick colours very often. Plus I love my food too much to eat carefully (and find it annoying to leave lip stains on glasses) when I have lippy on and wouldn’t be bothered to re-apply anyway.


Mustn’t forget the essential brushes needed to apply it all (make sure out clean them regularly).


The most important product to counter our love for makeup is makeup removing wipes! To clean off all the gunk at the end of a long day. Simple wipes are sooooo good and have kept my skin clear too.

I organised all my makeup into my drawer beside my dressing table for easy access. I can now pick and choose my look day to day at ease and at the pull of a handle.


Although some days…like today…I really don’t feel like wearing anything. I just feel like being me, open and natural and not care if I have a blemish I haven’t covered or hair that hasn’t been done or lashes that aren’t that thick. The most important thing for me is that as much as makeup makes you look and feel good you need to love yourself as the natural beauty you are first. You don’t need to rely on makeup to make you feel pretty or happy, that should just be an enhancement of you as a person.

So today, I just wore some cream to moisturise my face and decided to have a happy makeup free day 🙂 X




4 thoughts on “The magic of makeup

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    it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to
    drive the message home a little bit, but instead
    of that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read.
    I’ll certainly be back.


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