Time to wake up

For the last week or so I have been very very lazy, practically lounging around alllllll day long and not doing very much. As a result I have been feeling that way too, lazy, down, tired and grumpy. Since being married I’ve been doing this a lot especially since Amir has gone back to work. Although some days I do go to work it can be at times either a full on tiring week or a very slow one with a half day here and there and this makes it easy to end up doing not a lot and start feeling that way again. I need to find a way to balance my life so that I have time for work to keep my teaching skills going and brain active but also to be able to relax without being lazy and doing activities that allow me to be me and not fall into a ‘boring’ pit of nothingness.

So I’ve decided to make some changes to avoid doing that and to put that spring back in my step. I want to do something that keeps me busy, entertained and perhaps enables me o gain a few skills from too.

Firstly I must admit that I am a Huuuuge junk food addict. I love my burgers, chips, fizzy drinks and sweet treats and as everyone finds its often the easy option when you are hungry and just can’t be bothered to cook. This isn’t good for the body or my energy levels and I’m beginning to wonder how long I can go on like that, I’m not exactly in my teens anymore so maybe it’s about time I treat my body like the temple it is. In terms of my body, I’ve always been very lucky in that I’ve never had a problem with how I look and have always been a skinny minny. In the past I’ve had a lot of comments about how I’ve been able to maintain my slimness despite what I eat ‘you’re sooooo lucky you get to eat what you want and stay skinny’ ‘you don’t need to worry about your weight you’ll always be slim’ etc etc.

I’ll be honest a part of me is grateful for my genes and my quick metabolism in that I’ve never had an issue with my weight (I’m very happy with how I look and what I’ve been given) but often I wonder how long that will last. If and when I have children will I plump out and hate how I look? Will my body one day decide to stop retaining its ‘skinny’ gene and decide that that last burger was one too many? I’m not sure. What I do know is that my body probably will change one day as that’s how time works but I realise it’s my job to take care of it as best I can.

So, today I decided I would make an effort to try and eat a little more healthily. I don’t exactly eat junk food alllll the time and am lucky enough to be able to have freshly cooked meals pretty much every other day, but perhaps a little more fruit in the diet would be beneficial. I see myself as quite a strong independent person but realise I can’t be that strong without my vitamins and minerals so as an added measure of help I have ordered some supplements online from Healthspan. This online health store is a great place to buy all sorts of supplements and is clearly labeled and informative, the best part is they are also a very good price and plenty of ‘sale items’ can be found at a bargain. I went for some multi vitamins, royal jelly (my older sis F swears by them) and some skin supplements which were on sale and may help my slight facial blemishes. I have brought from here before and stuck by taking them until I forgot and left the on the shelf, I intend to stick by them strictly this time and see if they give me that little bodily boost.

I also decided to make some fresh food today for dinner which I’ll post the recipe on next. Luckily my inlaws are slightly more healthier than my family was and I’m getting used to eating more whole meal bread and chappatis and semi skimmed milk and such although I do need to eat more fresh fruit and veg (I’ve started off with some pineapple pieces which I love although they are probably quite sugary..hey it’s a start!), I’m hoping to buy some apples and bananas on the next Tesco trip as I do enjoy those.

Another thing is that I need is to exercise more. I realise as thin as I am I probably still have a high bodily fat content and although I love walking haven’t even able to properly for the last few weeks and months. Whereas before I’d walk everywhere and be a bit more active I now tend to drive as things here are a little further out or Amir and Saq are always driving me or getting things for me. I realised how unfit I was after the snow fight earlier this week when after around 20mins outside and a few minutes of running around I was wheezing like an old lady and gasping for air…although I blame that on the freezing cold clogging up my ability to breathe. I’m thinking of joining a gym (that place I refused to even acknowledge only a few months ago) or figure out a way to go for walks/jogs or some simple but healthy way of keeping my body in shape. I’d like to be able to do a charity run (or in my case jog) again in the summer and feel good about me and for a charitable cause.

Another thing I’d like to start up again is sewing. Although I’ve been more active in the cooking department which I enjoy a lot now, I feel confident enough to try new things. Sewing is a lot more difficult, I’ve watched my mum for years at her amazing seamstress skills and would love to be able to make even one of the amazing outfits she made me and my sisters throughout our childhood. I tried making a kameez a few years back and didn’t do too badly for an amateur but would love to perfect those skills for the future. How satisfying would it be to be able to give someone a gift or making something out of a bit of material that you made?? I’m hoping to ask my mother in law who has a smaller sewing machine than my mums industrial machine to give me some pointers as she is also a very handy seamstress herself. I’m sure using a smaller machine will also help me to stitch straighter than I did when I used the powerful machine my mum owns. I already know how to put the tread reel through the machine and basic cutting of an outfit but have a long way to go yet. I think I’ll start off small (a cushion or bibs for my niece maybe) with some cheap material than can be found locally. Hopefully from there one day I’ll be able to sew something I can really be proud of.

It’s all too easy to give in to being lazy but it takes determination, effort and perseverance to get what you want and I hope..well I know I have these qualities to try and live life a little more to its fullest. I hope I don’t get dragged down too much by the temptation of doing nothing and back to a lazy routine and stick to what I want to achieve. I usually do this every few months and give in but here’s to hoping this time I won’t and hopefully I can appreciate more of life, good health and happiness. 🙂 x


7 thoughts on “Time to wake up

  1. Salaam, I’ve been a silent reader of your blog after stumbling across it via links from both of your sisters’ sites when you first started blogging (you all write so well and have great, entertaining blogs!) I felt I had to reply to this one as I’ve been looking into ways to get healthy too and came across hula hooping yesterday… it seems great fun (excuse to release the inner child) and is apparently a great workout, give it a try! Btw, I live in Luton too so I know what you mean about the convenience of a car… I’m trying to do more walking and less driving myself 🙂

    • Ah thankyou 🙂 funnily enough I actually bought two hula hoops a while back! You have just reminded me I have them somewhere, I’ll have to pull them out and practice again 🙂 and yep it’s hard not to want to drive everywhere in Luton but willpower is the way

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