Mendhi cake

I was going to stay at my mums this weekend so I wanted to make the family something nice as a gift. My sisters are always reading my blog and commenting on my bakery so I decided to go for a cake.

I made the Victoria sponge cake (recipe on a previous post) which came out slightly more raised on one end but actually worked out ok, filled with buttercream and jam and then got busy with the icing.

This was the first time I’ve tried ready to roll icing and as easy as it seems to use, rolling icing out and trying to pick it up without tearing is difficult! I had 3 or 4 attempts before I managed one I was happy with and put it on the cake. To keep it from slipping off the cake I melted jam and brushed over the cake as a kind of glue. I cut the excess icing off and found one side had a gap…how frustrating! So I cut another piece and covered it (I have no pictures of the cake before the icing I was busy making a mess). I also squished the edges of the icing that was tearing on one side and yes I also had a few slight bumps on top of the cake too…Hmph.




I was a little fed up of it at this point as I’d started off quite eagerly at how well it could potentially turn out. However I decided to make good of a bad cake and asked Amir to get me some ribbon whilst I decorated the cake with hot pink icing. I decided to go for a mendhi style as it looked pretty 🙂



I thought about adding some flower wafers but it didn’t quite work…


Amir cake back with the ribbon and I added it on. This not only covered my mishaps but also made it look pretty! Yay! He also came back with a box to make it look even better and works well of your giving a gift without expecting the tray/box/tub you give it in.

I was VERY pleased with the outcome.







Obviously this was my first attempt at making a ‘proper’ cake that can be given to someone, and some of you may be thinking ‘it’s ok…but I’ve seen better’ and I understand BUT when you actually have a go at making something with big results and expectations and encounter difficulties on the way? Believe me I’m sure you’d be impressed with yourself too. Haha. I have a long way to go yet if I want to improve but this baking lark is something of a hobby for me to put a smile on my family’s face rather than a profession. Maybe I’ll improve and work out the issues I had this time but I know now sometimes things aren’t as easy as they look. Perhaps anther attempt for a future birthday?

My mum and family were quite happy with the cake (along with the cheesecake I made for them) do hoping it tastes just as good! I’m off for a slice now…! X


One thought on “Mendhi cake

  1. The cake looks lovely especially the mehndi pattern.I aslo like cake decorating and have picked up most of my tips from youtube ,a layer of buttercream instead of jam works better,Practice makes perfect


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