Chocolate cupcakes for baby

I went to my mums house yesterday evening to return my dad’s car which we had taken to sort a few things out on. I also went in hope of seeing my gorgeous new niece. As I don’t like going empty handed to my mums i decided to make some chocolate cupcakes, I picked the lazy option of making the ready made boxed type. Unfortunately me being in a rush and over eager I ended up messing up by adding the butter to the mix rather than leaving it for the buttercream frosting (I know how can you mess up a pre made mixture I hear you say!….well..I did :() luckily I had already pre saved chocolate cupcake recipe on my phone so used this one to follow instead here, .

Thankfully this time I was a little more patient and it paid off! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the process. I then made the buttercream frosting by using a different recipe than the one used on the link from icing, butter and melted chocolate drops. I did attempt to ice them using an icing bag and nozzle but didn’t work so used a palette knife to smooth over the cupcakes (which had actually turned out pretty perfect and not collapsed in the oven). I then iced over baby Aleeza onthe top with a red icing pen and put in a cake tin. I also added a small gift of a super cool t shirt earlier in the day with ‘the sweetest thing’ written on it. The range of baby t shirts from no added sugar. This brand is so cool, I remember it from when I worked in Selfridges and just loved some of the unique and cool captions they had on their baby grows and t shirts.

Unfortunately mummy and baby weren’t around when I visited but I left them the cakes there for when they were back the next day so I shall be ringing home soon to see how they were 🙂

Here’s some pics I took.





My mum had given the neighbours and family mithai (Asian style sweets) as a way of letting everyone know we had a baby in the house and to spread the happy news. We got a big box to take home which me and the in laws all happily munched as soon as we got in, yummmm! X



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