Nerf gun fun

When buying my nephews and niece birthday presents on a trip to Toys R Us a few weeks back me and Amir (well Amir) bought some mini nerf guns to attack my bro in law with. That was plenty of fun for a few weeks, except for when I accidentally ended up getting Saq, cousin A AND Amir in the eye! Ooooops! Fluke shots what can I say?

Well cousin A came over again today and wanted to go to Toys R Us again (such a big kid) and after riding around on store bicycles and scooters and wow-ing over stuff we ended up buying more Nerf guns! Me and Amir picked the cheaper but Multi bulleted blue guns while cousin A and Saq opted for the more expensive battery operated ones. We teamed up and let the battle commence! Within minutes there was bullets flying all over the place, lots of shouting and laughing and trying to take sneaky shots and acting like snipers. I admit I did get hit a lot..when I say a lot I mean ALOT and those things hurt! (Note to self: wear a helmet next time!) But so did Adi who got a fair few close up shots from me, Saq and Amir I think got the least. Bless my mother in law she was trying to watch her Indian dramas throughout and kept raising her arms in defence and flinching when bullets flew past her head but being the lovely lady she is, she let us have our fun. In fact I even gave her the gun a few times and told her to shoot the opposing team! Hehe 😉

Anyway after about half hour or so we got super hot and pretty tired so called a cease fire while still aiming a random shot at each other here and there (no such thing as a ceasefire with these guys), there were discarded foam bullets all over the place so we tidied and had a rest. Boys being boys however the random shots have continued upstairs and whilst they are out at the moment I have no doubt that when they are back the battle will start up again.

I think I’m a pretty good shot for a girl and the boys are now talking about paintballing or laser tag but for cheap easy semi painful fun in the home this is definitely recommended! It felt like being a big kid all over again. For now though I shall be rubbing my nose and arm (areas of latest attack on my poor self) and loading up the guns, perhaps I shall go for a secret attack when they arrive back from footy, muahahahaha 😉 x





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