Baking Mad

My mum in law asked me to make some biscuits for Amirs family that would be visiting tomorrow before going on a trip to Manchester to visit more family. Although she only wanted me to make a few shortbread biscuits which are very simple to make I decided to make her even more pleased by making a whole bunch of stuff.

I made shortbread biscuits, chocolate chip and smarties cookies, vanilla fairy cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes! Thankfully they all came out really well and the poor oven has been working all day to make them perfect 🙂






So far my previous icing attempts have not been very good but me being me I decided to go for the icing bag as nozzles yet again. I put in the pink buttercream and was pleasantly surprised it actually worked this time! Of course I was a bit eager and iced the chocolate cupcakes whilst they were still warm and it melted slightly. I refrigerated for a while and ended up covering it with the sprinkles so worked out ok. I had a range of decorative sprinkles and wafers so used them up. They looked so girly and pretty!

(vanilla fairy cupcakes)

(chocolate fairy cupcakes)

My eldest sister F gave me a lovey cake stand last week so I displayed them on there for an even prettier look (I guess your present encouraged me sis!). I’ve also left the cookies in a tub so they don’t dry out 🙂




I’ve cleaned up most of the mess and left tons of dishes on the rack to dry. I’m pooped and off to relax a little, I hope everyone enjoys their treat tomorrow. X



2 thoughts on “Baking Mad

  1. Wow,you are getting really pro at this!!! Those cupcakes look worthy of a posh bakery!! I can imagine your family was really pleased with your efforts 🙂


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