Cupboard tidy up

I decided to tidy up my cupboards today and throw out things I just wasn’t wearing. I’m a huge shopaholic and tend to buy stuff here and there but often forget I have them later or realise that last minute sale bargain item wasn’t something I’d actually ever wear.

I’m trying to be more conscious about saving money and spending wisely and less on clothes as I can easily make do with my wardrobe for a long time without adding more to it. My mum has always been a good reminder to me to stop buying so much clothing and send whatever I don’t need to those more needy. I do try every 6 odd months to have a good clear out and send my unwanted stuff (which is usually in good condition if not practically unworn) to local charities or mosques which provide charity bins.

I started off by taking out all the bits I had in my cupboard including jumpers and tops, I threw aside tops I ja hardly worn or not at all this winter and folded neatly (in colour order of course…yes I am one of those!) back into the cupboard. I then neatened up my dresses whilst taking out those I didn’t want. And again yep my dresses are mostly in colour order so I can feel what colour I want to wear each day and co ordinate easily ๐Ÿ™‚




I then folded up my summery tops and was left with a bag to send to charity. I have yet to go through my other stuff and will try and do that some time this week to add to the pile. My sister N usually ended up raiding my charity bag for stuff he could sell on eBay, especially if it was new but tough luck this time sis, all going to the needy this time! ๐Ÿ˜‰



Do you have an addiction to fashion and what do you do with your unwanted clothing? X


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