Valentines Day ❤

Today is valentines day!

Dreaded by some, loved by others it is a day well known by most of us. For those in relationships expectations of a partner or spouse can be high resulting in (usually) the man dashing to the nearest Tesco’s or Clinton’s to buy overpriced bunches of roses and chocolates and heart covered cards. For those single ladies and bachelors this day can be hated for the lack of love and relationships they may have and the smugness couples rub in their face.


I myself have never really been fussed about February the 14th, usually another normal day for me although I did often jokingly say ‘if I ever marry i’ll use this day to be a total cow to my husband so he can appreciate my love every other day of the year!’. 😉

Most argue that valentines day is just another commercialised gimmick used to make money off the love sick fools of the world and that it is not worry celebrating. Each to their own but I personally don’t see any harm in expressing your love as a country to your loved ones whether it be your spouse, parents or children (who says valentines day has to be limited to lovers?)

Last year after we got engaged I had pre warned Amir not to send me any valentines stuff as I’m not a particular fan of cheesy gestures but being the romantic he is he ended up sending me a yummy box of cupcakes. This year as our first valentines as a married couple I decided to make an effort and put a smile on his face. I woke up feeling quite happy in general (after a few days of being glum) and went to look out of the window (princess style except I probably had morning drool hanging off my face). I turned away and found myself staring at a lovely gift on my dresser table.


Boy was I happy! I found a cute ‘wife’ card written with a heartfelt message. Amir came up shortly (he took a work from home day) and then it was my turn to hand over his gift. I gave him a box containing a love teddy, red Lego cuff links, a bottle of my time, lots of chocs, love hearts (obviously) and tickets to thriller (he is a huge Michael Jackson fan). I think he was surprised :).

He particularly liked the card I had ordered and personalised for him



To get into the feel of the day I even dressed up in hearts today…I know I know but I decided what the hell, full cheese ahead!


The day before I had extended valentines day to Amir’s parents giving them chocolate roses each and by the look of the smiles on their faces I knew I had made them happy which was nice.

I hadn’t finished my gift for the day yet though. Adi was coming over and so I made a meal of spaghetti bolognese for dinner. After that I started on the chocolate cupcakes which I had planned for in a specific way.



The cakes came out very nice and so I made the chocolate buttercream icing to decorate. I had made the cakes in heart cases and valentine-y bits which came with a kit (god bless the pound shop).




I picked out the nicer iced cupcakes and set aside to write a special message for Amir as a surprise for after dinner. I used bright coloured icing pens and completed with little hearts. I then added into a box I had brought and a globe which would complete my message.



The rest I finished off using sugar pearls and hearts complete with lovey dovey cocktail sticks for the rest of the family.


I handed these out after our spag bol dinner which was wolfed down by all:



Amir was pleasantly surprised and said he would save them for later. Me and the others ate the other cupcakes which were delicious.

Although not everyone agrees with or believes in Valentines, I am happy I had such a good day with my husband and family. I’m grateful for all the love in my life and for the all the people in it. You don’t have to believe in the day but you have to be able to believe the reason it stands for 🙂

Our valentine will carry on until tomorrow as Amir is taking me out to a restaurant for a romantic meal. So i guess February the 14th isn’t the only day we’ll be celebrating 🙂 can’t wait! X


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day ❤

  1. Okay, out of everything you posted, I couldn’t take my eyes off your vanity table!! That is a pretty table, full of pretty stuff :-)) And your Tshirt is really cute 🙂


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