Little lady’s party

I was invited to my nieces party this weekend as she had finished reading the Qur’an for the first time. I offered to make some dessert to help out as well as my popular chicken sandwiches (I have been making these for my sister for every party for a few years and they seem to be well enjoyed).

The day before I started the chicken sandwiches by boiling the chicken first. This can look pretty yucky but end results are tasty! Once boiled I drained , picked out the gruesome bits and mashed the chicken to break into smaller pieces. I then added mayonnaise and a dash if ketchup although really you can add any spices or sauces you like. Season with salt and pepper. I added diced cucumber and grated carrot but again you can add whatever vegetables you like.





Once this was done I refrigerated to be out into buttered bread in the morning. Next was the cakes! I baked a dozen fairy cakes and iced using three colours linked to the party’s theme. This was hard work as I only have one icing bag so had to re wash and to quick dry ended up using a hairdryer, yep told you I was impatient! Definitely need to invest in some more icing bags or disposable ones at least.


I decided to out my nieces name on the cupcakes so used icing pens for this then finished with edible sugar pearls. For those without letters I added wafer flowers and butterflies.





If your wondering about all the paper towels its because the cupcakes can be a little greasy from the base so use them to drain off any excess butter.

I then made a batch of chocolate cupcakes (which were cooling as I iced) but some ended up collapsing so made a new batch if a dozen to make up for the lost ones. Next I made chocolate buttercream icing and covered in a range of sprinkles, icing and decorations which was the fun bit.





I made a special one for my brother as it was a ladies only event and as he had loved my chocolate cupcakes a few weeks back I thought i would personalise one for him. I added the rest into boxes to be taken to my sisters house the next day.(I realise some of the cupcake cases are loose and don’t match but I used what I had left and some ended up peeling back a little).




While I was icing I had a packet cake mix cooking in the oven (lazy I know but they taste so good). I let it cool and iced over with buttercream. I had bought a cake base and box set from Wilkinsons earlier so placed the cake on the base. I stood up chocolate and mill chocolate fingers all the way around until some started falling down so used chocolate buttercream to stick it with. I then used pink ribbons to go with Little lady’s theme. I finished off by carefully placing maltesers in circles on the top before placing in the box. (I know, impressive for a amateur isn’t it?)




I got up early on the day, got ready and made the sandwiches, packed the cakes and off we went to London. I picked up my neice when we got there as I was treating her to a haircut to make her feel pretty for her party. I treated myself at the same time šŸ˜‰ the parcel I had ordered for her gift also arrived at her house so she brought that along and opened it there. It was a silver heart pendant which she loved.


We rushed back home (snacking on the way on a pasty) to get ready and set up. I set up my table whilst little lady got dressed up in her party outfit. The dessert tables looked so lovely, I especially loved the rainbow fruit sticks!






My nephews had made a cool den in one of the rooms for the kids to play in


Lots of ladies and little ones came along and it was very busy but lots of fun. It was definitely nice to spend time with my sisters, mum, aunts and all the gorgeous adorable sweet little babies of the family (and no just for the record I am NOT feeling broody! Haha).

Unfortunately no one too any pictures of the amazing food my sister F rustled up for everyone which included chicken pasta, noodles, my sandwiches, my aunts biryani, my mums kebabs and the range of sauces and dips. Doubly unfortunately as much as we tried to keep the huddle of children away from the cakes until my niece could cut it eventually one sneaky hand or ten managed to run away with some. This included bits of the Maltesers cake too! Which ended up looking abit like this:


And then slowly to this:

Before I almost cried I told my sister I was cutting it up and handing it out before everyone refused to eat it because it was a mess. Luckily it got taken up and eaten up which relieved me.

We all ate amazingly cooked home made food and enjoyed the company around us. Me and my sisters in between also snuck out cupcakes for ourselves before they got gobbled up, I hope they enjoyed them cos I certainly did.

By the end of the party, little lady had received some lovely gifts from the guests, every room was trashed in some shape or form and each guest left with a cute gift bag which my sister had made up as a thank you for coming.


I spent a little more time with the family babies who were so cute I could’ve taken them home before leaving with my mum in law and aunt (and taking some yummy leftovers of sisters cooking!)

Amir picked us up and drove us back to his aunts where we stayed and chilled out a while and where I received a lovely gift of a suit material from Amirs aunt who had recently visited Pakistan. I shall be sewing this in time for Eid, a lovely colour as intricate beadwork making it feel and look classy.


We ended up eating late night burgers before heading home and falling into bed exhausted. I gave my niece lots of hugs and kisses on the day as I don’t see her very often and I wanted to make sure she had a good day which I think she did, she looked so pretty in pink and all grown up and proud of herself which she should be. I hope she continues to grow to be a smart, beautiful and happy girl and may she always be blessed. X


5 thoughts on “Little lady’s party

  1. The Maltesers cake is simply gorgeous!! And I would have been real proud to have my name on pretty cupcakes like that – you niece is lucky to have an aunt like you :-). And I get it, I would have pretty much burst into tears at the sight of my cake being sabotaged!!!

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