Vintage style dresser table

In my bedroom I have a french vintage style dresser that I have loved ever since I’ve moved here. (My husband re-decorated his room before my arrival and included this for me). I’ve never had my own proper space to have all my things laid out so neatly and tidily (or messy) and to do as I please with until now.

At first it was very very empty looking;


And then I filled it up! I love colourful bright things so set to work putting my jewellery,, hair bands, boxes and bits all over it but at the same time trying to keep it organised. Since having my new bedroom I have arranged and re-arranged my dresser every other month trying to make it look prettier or less cluttered as it is easy to just dump things on there (particularly a certain husband I have).

I especially love the fact it makes me feel like a proper lady, it reminds me of the type that princesses and olden day classy ladies had, you know, the ones you see in old style movies were the woman is carefully brushing out her hair looking ever so delicate and pretty 😉

I have just re-arranged my dresser yet again to de-clutter and wipe down dust and generally tidy up and set things straight. I have a lot of stuff on it but that’s exactly what gives me that feeling of ownership over it.

(told you it was a lot of stuff!)

(very colourful! And yep teddy has a head massager on his head!)

(trinket jewellery boxes, necklaces and rings on a mousey stand).

(an essence bottle from Egypt,hair clips, a honeymoon souvenir, rings, and rainbow prayer beads gifted to me by sister F).

(so pretty!)

I have so much more on my dresser table and could spend all day looking at things and adding bits and re-organising but will leave it on a ‘colourful’ note.

Do you have a dresser or table top? What do you keep on yours? X


4 thoughts on “Vintage style dresser table

  1. Love all the stuff on your dresser, it’s given the dresser a whole new personality!! And yes, poor Teddy with a head massager stuck on his head is hilarious!


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