Kitkat smarties cake

Amir has been on my case to make him a cake (ever since last week when he did not get so much as a whiff of the maltesers cake). Soooo being the amazing girl I am, I made him one, took me a while but happily presented it to him when he got back from work, he was very very happy and got stuck into it after dinner repeating over and over ‘this is the best chocolate cake ever!’ Such a big kid 🙂










Obviously he didn’t eat it all and t collapsed a little once it had been cut into (kitkats were hard to keep up!) as my cake was not as high as the kitkats.


So we cut the rest up and gave some to Amirs aunt and some was taken to my mums and I’m glad to say was all gobbled up. I also had a slice (or two) and rather enjoyed it. So as they say on the chocolates ‘have a break’ and ‘know all the answers’. I think I’m mostly there 😉 x


2 thoughts on “Kitkat smarties cake

  1. Oh my God!! You won’t believe this, but I was just browsing the net yesterday for cake ideas for my sister’s birthday, and I decided upon this KitKat cake!! I think it’s ideally supposed to be a layered cake, but it looks cute nevertheless!!


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