Practise practise practise

I recently bought a whole bunch of bakery things in the hope of getting better and better at my cupcake attempts. These included nozzles, more edible decorations (including edible gold and silver glitter, I love all things sparkly), stencils, pretty patterns and cutters and funky cupcake cases.

I organised them into boxes I bought and that my mum in law bought (still not enough!) and put them in the pantry.

I really wanted to perfect making a rose cupcake so watched some tutorials on you tube and got some fab ideas. I have also been googling cool cupcake ideas and storing them for future use. From my research I kept coming across wilton products, an American company who specialises in bakery stuff. I invested in some wilton rose nozzles including the flower tips (2d and a large 1b) as well as the grass effect tip which looks sooooo cool (more on this when I try it out).

I baked some chocolate cupcakes in my funky new zebra print cupcake cases (apologies for lack of photos I was too busy wanting to dig into my new cakey bits). I mixed up some chocolate buttercream and added into disposable piping bags (my new best friend, less washing for meeee!) and the rose nozzles. The amazing thing about these nozzles is that you can achieve around 3 different effects which I love.


Whilst I waited for the cupcakes to cool down for icing I made some tiny flowers with my new cutters to try out, they ae super easy to make and a little pearl to finish is so effective. I made them in the four colours of ready to roll icing I had.

I then iced! It took me a while and it wasn’t as neat as I had expected them to be but I was quite pleased with the end result. I made a few in a flowery effect just to see the other style I could get out of the nozzle.

Now was the fun bit! I have so many decorations but decided to try and keep it simple without overdoing it. I added the tiny flowers to the edge of the rose effect cupcakes with a sprinkling of gold dust, and chocolate stars for the flower effect cupcakes. I had also cut out some leopard print butterflies the day before and sooo wanted to put them to use so ended up using two on some rose cupcakes. I was pretty pleased with the final looks.




I boxed them up to take to Amirs aunts house the next day as she is a fellow bakeress who has inspired me somewhat to do my own baking.



I was still itching to try out some other stuff I had so took out some more icing to test out some stencils that give some lovely effects.






The last ones in blue and pink are more for cookies and biscuits but I thought I’d try and see if they worked on icing too.

Although today’s attempts came out well, I still feel I need to improve my techniques and skills if I want to get a more professional look (I have spent far too long looking at really professional cupcakes), I especially inspire one day to make cupcakes similar to the ones I ordered for my wedding, absolutely stunning with so much detail!


made my wedding day!

Anyway I have lots and lots more ideas and hope to post them soon, I have already gotten orders in from close family and hope to work hard to impress for those special occasions coming soon. Will keep everyone updated! If you have any ideas or tips on decorating do let me know! X


4 thoughts on “Practise practise practise

  1. Wow, those are some really pretty decorations!! I’ve made a huge list of baking stuff too and plan to go shopping this weekend!

  2. Fab, absolutely fab. Where are the best online companies to order the bakery stuff? Also, the youtube link to make the rose decoration, could you upload it?


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