Links for baking

I was asked to upload links to places I have found good bakery bits and oblivious to thinking this myself earlier here are some you can use, these are the ones I found to have been very useful, cheap in price and good quality.

For you tube rose making tips:

(This is using a 22d nozzle)

(Two tone icing effect)

(Using a 2d nozzle)

(This one is good for tips and styles)

To be honest I’ve seen lots and its about what your style of decorating is, type in what you want and most likely there will be a tutorial on it!

I googled a lot of bakery products and found amazon to have good products and fairly priced, I especially loved this which had LOTS of cutters for cheap. They also came with a range of cake tools.

Sugar craft products have also proven to be very good for cupcakes and cake making.

I also brought these:

For texture mats and alphabet cutters I went to purple cupcakes . This company is great because it is UK based and has a large range of products and is very good quality.

Lastly the best place for a lot of stuff is…eBay ! I have searched lots of stuff on eBay and you can practically find anything and everything bakery from here. I have ordered a range of cupcake toppers for very cheap as well as funky cupcake cases, wilton nozzles and ribbons. Again you can narrow exactly what your looking for in the search engine and check out the best prices.

If you do decide to buy online be sure to check for the best prices and quality too.

Alternatively tesco’s and sainsburys have a wide range if cupcake decorating stuff and I regularly purchase from here too for my pearly balls, chocolate stars and daisy wafers. In fact I even brought some large size nozzles which came with a piping bag for cheap. (And yep in case you haven’t worked it out I luuurve my bargains!)

Good luck with your baking quests and keep me updated on your finds, be sure to let me know of any other places you find that have baking bargains and your cakey ideas! X

P.S apologies if the links are not uploaded very well, have typed this up on my phone!


2 thoughts on “Links for baking

  1. Salam,

    I’ve been reading your blog – love your baking posts πŸ™‚

    Just wondering where you buy your cake boxes from? They look fab!


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