Happy Mothers Day ❤

I made my mum some cupcakes for today from a picture I had chosen off the Internet.

I won’t bore you too much with the process so have a look at the pics20130310-161344.jpg20130310-161408.jpg20130310-161352.jpg20130310-161400.jpg20130310-161424.jpg20130310-161415.jpg20130310-161431.jpg20130310-161443.jpg20130310-161449.jpg20130310-161614.jpg20130310-161636.jpg20130310-161644.jpg20130310-161653.jpg20130310-161709.jpg20130310-161722.jpg20130310-161737.jpg20130310-161745.jpg20130310-161810.jpg20130310-161822.jpg

(One for mum, one for mum in law).

It was a bit tricky trying to make these when my mum in law kept coming in and out of the kitchen but I hid it well as eventually she went out 🙂 she didn’t ask what I had made and I never mentioned it (although I did have a story lined up if she had).

Yesterday we went out and bought some more bits for our mums with my sisters who had come to visit us. We bought cards, flowers and a few gifts.

I decided to buy my sister and sister in law a rose and card too as one is a new mum and the other has little ones and wouldn’t be able to buy them things themselves.


I dropped off my mums things last night complete with a hug and kiss, here is her stash from today 🙂



And here is what me, Amir and Saq took down to my mum in law this morning…


She loved it! From the smile on her face I think we made her day. We all enjoyed the cupcakes as part of a Mother’s Day breakfast….yum!

Obviously Mother’s Day is a way of showering your mum with appreciation and love especially for that one day but should be an extension of how much you love your mum every day and serves as a reminder of how much mothers do for us 🙂

I for one appreciate my mum so much more since getting married and even though I won’t be seeing her today I hope she’s having a lovely day and with all those flowers. I bet she is (my mother is a flowerholic!) 🙂

A few quotes from even the most famous of people and how much they owe their mothers for their lives:

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” – Abraham Lincoln

“God could not be everywhere therefore he made mothers” – Rudyard Kipling

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” -Stevie Wonder

(So true!)

What did you do for Mothers Day today? X


7 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day ❤

  1. The cupcakes are lovely, I actually read about your celebrations on your sister’s blog first :-). No wonder your Mum in law was delighted, that is a pretty picture to wake up to in the morning!

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    • Thankyou! The recipes have all been posted previously I just haven’t gone through them when making cupcakes again. If you scroll through my older posts you will find the recipes for plain and chocolate cupcakes as well as the buttercream or the links for them anyway 🙂


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