Lazy Rainy Sunday

Am having a super sleepy lazy lie in Sunday today :). Woke up late to find Amir looking worse for wear (that’s what happens when you walk around in the rain dear…). We got up to have some breakfast only to find there was no bread…so after some persuasion (lazy so and so!) Saq and I went to Tesco’s in the pouring rain (along with a list of other stuff mum in law wanted….funny how mums always need bread and you end up coming home with an almost full shop 😉 .

Came home to a brunch which was absolutely delicious! My mum in law makes some of the yummiest food ever and today was no exception. I had a paratha (buttered chapati) with scrambled chilli egg and tea and orange juice…Mmmm!


I then got Amir to take some medicine, Saq lovingly slapped on a cool press onto his forehead and I tucked him back into bed to rest. I sincerely hope I don’t catch any lergies from him tonight (no offence dearest) but it seems like everyone’s catching something and it doesn’t look pleasant (snotty noses are NOT attractive and neither is a rattling non stop gargoyle cough).


I’ve only just returned from a 3 day sleepover at my mums who also wasn’t well for the past few days but glad to have left her in a better state then when I arrived on Wednesday. I personally like to think my head massages are quite good even though I’ve only ever done a couple of family members before they always seem better afterwards (maybe I have magic fingers..ooh….?).

Anyway after lazing some more in bed listening to the rain outside and watching rubbish weekend telly I started on the cake Saq had asked me to make for a party. He had already told me what he wanted so it luckily didn’t take too long. I made a chocolate finger cake topped with smarties. As an added touch I threw on some chocolate stars to make it look prettier.








He’s not back yet so hopefully he’ll like what he see’s when he’s back. I’m back in bed feeling relaxed and cosy with some unhealthy snacks, a snoring husband and watching Sabrina the teenage witch….I so wish I could do some magic, how useful would that be? Gona enjoy my lazy Sunday while I can because as I’m sure you all know the dreaded Monday workday is upon is with its iron jaws before we’re ready.

What have you been doing with your weekend? Hope it’s been a good one. X


3 thoughts on “Lazy Rainy Sunday

  1. Hi, found your blog via the Happy Muslim Mama. Am totally inspired by the kit kat and smartie cake and want to attempt it for my daughter’s birthday in two weeks. Could you share your chocolate cake and icing recipes? Am looking for a tried and tested kind of recipe as won’t have time to do a trial cake beforehand. Thanks!


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