The cake pop craze

Cake pops are the new delicious treat that is seemingly enjoyed more and more these days. They are pretty to look at, different ad can be adapted to suit almost any occasion. Could cake pops be the future of cake making?




I for one decided to try it out and see what the fuss was all about so I ordered myself a silicone tray off the internet. Most of the cake pop moulds are cheap to buy and come with the lollipop sticks but I’m sure if you look around you’ll able to buy them in some shops too.


I decided to use a chocolate cupcake recipe that I have tried and tested and knew would work and being a chocoholic it had to be chocolate of course :). I made up the batter with some help from my trusty sous chef…Erm I mean BiL Saq πŸ˜‰ after which I buttered the mould ad let Saq pour in the mixture. We followed instructions to fill the bottom half of the mould 3/4 of the way up or just slightly more but being experimental we filled one or two all the way to the top just to see what would happen. With the batter that was left we put into cupcake cases.




We put the top half of the mould on top and put it in the oven wondering what might happen πŸ™‚



While we waited for the cake pops to rise we melted some chocolate in a pan (yes that’s my way of melting it and it works ok..!) and I poured some toppers into bowls and accidentally mixed them up by not watching what I was doing…oopsies.


We took the mould out and sloooooooowly had a peak and…..bummer!!! They hadn’t risen into perfectly round balls! Aside from the one we had filled all the way to te top the rest were pretty much mushroom shaped but they didn’t look terrible so we continued. At this point might I add Saq made a point (or ten) in telling me he was right and that we should’ve filled them all to the top. After his dramatics were over we chilled out for a while to let the cake pops cool down. The cake pops themselves are a lot smaller than I would have thought but definitely make a perfect bite sized dessert.


Once cooled I dipped the sticks into the melted chocolate and inserted into the cake pops and let cool again. This is important because if u you try and stick and dip a cake ball without setting the stick the cake pop will most likely plop off and drown into its chocolatey pool. I stuck in all the sticks and let the chocolate harden and set the cake pops on. (And yes in aware my cake pops look like mushrooms…)



Once they had all hardened I dipped each ball into the chocolate coating it all and carefully shaking off the excess, (and licking fingers that got dripped on…mmm!). I then sprinkled chocolate curls and chocolate sprinkles on top before sticking into a foam block covered with kitchen towel to set and soak up any chocolatey drips. At this point you can try white chocolate and practically any toppings you like. You could even wait for the chocolate to set and decorate with icing pens. I decided to keep it simple this time.





I figured for a first time attempt they weren’t bad! They looked like cake pops albeit mushroom shaped and weren’t too shabby. Me and my mother in law shared one for taste and it was yummmmmmmyyyyy!

I figured I probably wouldn’t be able to eat them all though so put some in a Tupperware box for Amir to take to work, those that were left have just been scoffed by me for dessert today (I only ate 2..ok 3…..alright it was 4!)

Saq also made his own special design with a cupcake and a cake pop which he had refrigerated to cool. He covered the top half of the cupcake in chocolate and dipped the cake pop into chocolate as well. I think he’s made a new creation, some kind of a cupcake cake pop or a cake pop cupcake? Well he certainly seemed proud of it anyway, who knows maybe it could be the next craze?



Although they are more work than usual cupcakes the end result is actually quite nice and done well can look very pretty. I’ll be attempting these again for my niece’s party this weekend (request from my lovely sis in law) in white dipped chocolate and pink sprinkles in addition to some cute pink cupcakes, watch this space for the next batch πŸ˜‰ X


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