Desserts for Dinner

We had my family come over to my house for dinner this weekend and as a big meal was going to be prepared I offered to do the desserts πŸ™‚

I started on the Friday to make the sweet stuff I had planned so my mother in law could use the kitchen for the main meal without me getting in the way. I started with the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing topped with chocolate stars (my side of the family are chocoholics so this was a must!) followed by shortbread biscuits topped with purple icing and little love hearts. These were arranged with shop bought choc chip cookies on the day. (Later that evening many hands were slapped to keep these safe… Amir! Cousin A!)




I then made jelly as my nephews are little jelly monsters. I put most of the jelly in little shot glasses for everyone in mango and strawberry flavour. The rest I set in bigger cups in a layer of strawberry and mango as a larger portion for the kids to gobble.


Lastly I started on my Victoria sponge cake! I baked the cakes which I was eagerly hoping would turn out perfect, however they did crumble a little when I turned them out. Whilst they cooled I started whipping up some double cream with a teaspoon of vanilla and oh…my..gosh! Like magic (after about ten minutes if whisking and wondering whether anything would even happen) there was fresh cream!!! I luuuuuurve fresh cream and ended up eating blobs of the stuff before figuring I should leave some for the cake.


I layered one cake with fresh cream and sliced strawberries and the other with jam..

centre of cake

As the cake was really soft it did fall off in bits (which I promptly ate) in places but managed to get the jammy top on. I then smothered the top in whipped cream. I put some cream in a piping bag to make a few swirls around the edges for a patterns effect, added a few thin strawberry slices in the middle and one last swirl in the centre to finish. I tried to add the remaining cream to the edges but was a little short of cream (my fault for eating so much) and it ended up looking rather rough around the sides. I decided to cover up the messiness with strawberries around the sides which worked very nicely.

To be honest my cake was my first fresh cream attempt and was slightly wonky in places and not quite perfect but hey, aren’t those the best, most tasty kind?? Still I was quite happy with my efforts πŸ™‚




Me and my mother in law the broken bits of cake with the last bits of whipped cream and strawberries and it was delish!!

I was done for the day once the cake had been done and refrigerated… I’ll let you know how the desserts all went down once I get more pics of the dinner on the day which I’m waiting to get so stay tuned. For now though I have decided that next time I shall be trying an eggless sponge cake for a lighter cake which might go better with a fresh cream style cake… I’m off to peruse some recipes! Enjoy the pics. X


3 thoughts on “Desserts for Dinner

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  2. Wow, the cake looks beautiful!! One question though, when you refrigerate the decorated cake, doesn’t it go all hard and lose it’s moistness?


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