Making the most of a Monday :)

It’s the second week of the half term holidays and could it be? Is spring on the way?? After heck knows how long (too long in my opinion) of freezing cold weather the sun made a beautiful appearance over the weekend and today was no exception. Although it did come and go at times sunshine is sunshine and I doubt anyone is complaining!

I was left at home alone today as everyone went to work and the parent in laws went to london to pick up relatives from the airport. After a leisurely lie in, I woke up and got ready to go to town. I had bought a few things and decided I didn’t want them so needed returning. Obviously the plan was to return stuff and be financially better off by the time I came home, but in reality guess what? Yup I ended up spending more! Not only did I buy more tops ( I NEED them, summer is coming and it’s essential) but ended up buying random games and gadgets from a funky shop called Tiger (becoming a favourite of mine). I luuurve my new giant version of this outdoor game and can’t wait for one of the boys to hurry up home so I can play!

giant badminton!

By the time I got home I was staaarvin’ so made myself a meal of halal spicy chicken sausages (these are delicious!), mash, beans and egg. Yum yum.

I then tackled the huuuuuge mountain of dishes that had been left by everyone in the morning as most likely they had eaten and rushed off. I can’t stand messiness so decided to clean up the rest of the kitchen while I was at it, rather satisfying 🙂
all clean

Once that was done I went upstairs to tidy up my room. I bought some colourful lidded glass earlier this morning to sort my sweet area out so set to work throwing away old wrappers and rubbish and organising the space. I stocked up the crisps and new jars with sweets and arranged a few times until I was satisfied 🙂
hmmmm seems tidy

nope, rearranged again

Once that was done I caught up on the whatsapp conversations going on only to look at my iPhone and deciding I needed to change the cover. Luckily I had also bought one of those earlier on from the shop Tiger. Amir bought me my iPhone before we got engaged and I have since collected a few covers to protect it.

I have some colourful ones…

Some girly flowery ones…


And my favourite, the funky ones..


Here’s what I have on the phone now, a 3D effect butterfly one, am loving the rainbow colours.


I think that’s been not too bad for a Monday if I do say so myself. I’m off to read the rest of my zombie book and enjoy the lovely light shining through my window while it lasts, I hope someone comes home soon as I also reaaaalllly want to play badminton! Hehe. X

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