Cute biscuits

Amir loves shortbread biscuits. He complained a few days back when I forbid him to eat the ones I’d made for the family dinner and as a compromise I promised to bake him more (seriously the things I do…).

He had a work from home day so after lunch I made some more, I decided to go for different shapes this time so picked stars, a musical note and gingerbread men. I was trying out new gel colours and mum in law picked caramel. Admittedly it did look slightly poo-ish in colour but ill pretended its chocolate instead 😉

I decorated with icing pens for fun 🙂

I’m sure I’ve posted the recipe before but here it is again:
55g caster sugar
125g butter
180g plain flour

(Yep, that really is it)

Roll out the dough to 1cm thick and cut out in desired shape. Sprinkle with icing sugar then bake in a preheated oven gas mark 5. Leave to cool before decorating 🙂







2 thoughts on “Cute biscuits

  1. The stars look lovely, though the gingerbread men look like they got splashed on a little :-). I love baking too, so seeing your lovely pictures is inspiring!


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