Badminton battles

I bought some giant badminton rackets and shuttlecock the other day and felt in the mood to play on the day I got them. Me and Amir went outdoors to the front garden where there is a greenery patch and played for a while despite the wind being not very helpful.


The large shuttlecock was abit too heavy to play with so mostly we used the little one. Today Cousin A and Saq came home early so I got them out to play again. It was still a little windy but we managed to play a fair few games. I love playing badminton and remember this being my favourite P.E session at school. I do admit though I do try and grab a sneaky point whenever I can when my opponent is unsure whether I got the point or not (hehe).

By the time Amir came home I finished making the pasta for dinner (which was yummy!) forgot to take pics..oops, too busy munching. We talked about what to do while for the evening and decided to carry on badminton-ing (is that a word?). Saq called up the local ‘game’ gym place (not sure what its called) and booked us a court to play on. We all chilled for a whole before changing to get ready for competition!

Although we had the court for an hour it wasn’t too busy and we played for a little more than that and Wowww was it fun! It was a great workout too which lazy me haven’t had in a long time so boy did I feel those muscles working overtime. We played 3 sets per team before changing pairs and although we initially figured we were all a bit rubbish t turned out there was some pretty fierce battles going on. We all got really into the game stopping for either water or to swap teams.






By the end of it we were soooo tired and on the journey back I could feel my muscles punishing me for not warming up and my legs turning to jelly. I’m currently resting my poor bones a while because I think these guys still have some energy to go out again! It was so good to be active and run around feeling like a kid again and I think making this a weekly habit would be good. Hopefully next week the battles shall commence!

It’s Saq’s birthday at the turn of midnight tonight so we might be staying up to have a little celebration before we go out tomorrow, hmmm I wonder what’s in store, I think my first gift will be birthday beats! And nope your never too old or mature to give those a miss, now excuse me whole I practise my punches…hehe. I’ll let you know how his day goes! X


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