Saq’s birthday bonanza 1

On the night before Saq’s birthday (badminton day) we later went out for some shisha before midnight and some grub. I opted for some non alcoholic fruit cocktail wine (which was delicious, considering usually I find these distasteful) and some hummus and chicken shwarma which was equally tasty 🙂



By the time we got home it was a few minutes before Saq’s birthday! Now we had spent aaaaaaages planning (well I had anyway) to make his birthday a good one as Saq is the kind of guy always buying for others and making people happy his lifelong mission (except mine, he likes driving me crazy!) so it was about time he was on the receiving end.

Whilst everyone was at work that morning I made personalised cupcakes for him which I had planned weeks in advance. This included ordering toppers with his face on and toppers that included all things he loves. Not everything went quite right on the day but I managed to make them in the end! Here’s what they looked like:





I included his name, football club, car and name as well as baby face

By the time midnight struck we all sang happy birthday and dished out the presents. I have him my first two smaller gifts and made out like we couldn’t get much for him in time. The gifts included toilet golf (I know, classy!) and some funky socks (Saq is. Sockaholic). Mum and Dad in law got him a personalised football shirt ad Cousin A got him an awesome pressie of a camera! Saq loves taking pics and had been after this for a while so was quite blown away with his gift.


Finally it was mine and Amirs turn! Now before we reveal what we got him, Saq loves all things Punjabi and spent the majority of my first few months in my in laws home pestering me to buy him one! So I pretended I had left my phone in the car and for Amir to go and get it, whilst he did that I gave him a clue to what his present could be….

He didn’t even open and he had guessed! At which point Amir came in with the gift and…..ta dah!


A Dhol!

I think he was quite happy 🙂

Here was his birthday stash


I’m pretty sure he went to bed with a huge grin on his face but it was no less than he deserved. As crazy as my bro in law is I couldn’t ask for a better one and I’m happy that he was able to have such a good birthday evening and the birthday day was yet to come! X



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