A picnic in the park :)

It was the last day of the Easter holidays yesterday and as the weather was predicted to be beautifully sunny pretty much everyone had plans!

My eldest sis F invited us for a picnic in the park near my mums house and a chance to let the kids get some fresh air as play time. My family and I made our way to London mid afternoon where we chilled out a while at his aunts. We then made our way to the park. Being in the car made it difficult to find parking and it seemed eeeeveryone was out trying to catch a few rays! We managed to find parking and walked through the park enjoying the scenery and happy business of the people around.

We met up with my sisters and the babies before and tried finding my mum and the kids who had gotten there earlier to play on the swings and slides. We gave up sending sister M to continue the search while we set up the picnic under a nice bank beside a now unused man made stream. Sister F provided everyone with yummy food including home made kebabs for burgers, chicken strips, pasta, delicious fresh fruit (strawberries, mangoes and melon), salad, drinks and desserts.

Mum and the kids finally made it and we all took pics of the babies (who are growing ever more gorgeous by the day), ate noisily and ran around. Take a look a some of the snaps:

boys with their cute sunhats

the big boys coo over my darling niece

no idea why I am doing this..

big sis and her yummy food



we even saw a squirrel which my nephew threw a strawberry at, squirrel promptly grabbed it and ran up the tree

Saq took loads of pics with his new camera until it was grabbed off him by a more professional photographer…


We didn’t stay long and left my sisters, mum and the kids to enjoy the rest of the picnic as we headed to Amirs uncles house for dinner. We caught up with his cousins who had just been to Ummrah in Saudi Arabia. We laughed, joked and ate some more delicious home cooked curries and barbecued kebabs till late evening. I also got a lovely gift from Amirs aunt and thought it was so nice of her to think of me whilst she was there..


By the time we got home I was pooped. And the worst thing was…work the next day! I have become so lazy during the holidays I was in nervous mode about the next day. Oh well… It’s Monday for everyone I guess. X



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