A nice end to a busy week

I started my new long term post this week at a local school and it has been a long and busy week! Although at first I was very anxious and confused about routines, information overload and trying desperately to make sense of what I needed to prepare for the next day, over the course of the week I got stuck in. I prepared lessons as I went along with the help of year group teachers and actually had a very pleasant first week!

I have supplied at the school often before but it felt nice to have some ownership of a class and to be able to get to know the children. The staff there are also really helpful and very friendly which makes me feel more at ease. Obviously one of the first things I did (after labelling and reading my lesson plans thoroughly) was to organise bits of the classroom. Every teacher works differently and some can work in mess but not me! In my classroom things should always be kept neat, tidy and organised so obviously I cleared out the little teacher desk full of rubbish and tidied it so it contained stationary in a small basket and a range of stickers for easy reward access for the children. I also got rid of trays of scrap paper not being used and replaced with plain paper and numeracy and literacy sheets.

I job share with another teacher but she was happy enough for me to take charge in helping organise and tidy the room which was great. During the course of the week I enjoyed getting to know the class, received a warm welcome from parents and had fun getting back into work mode…although I still have early mornings to get used to *yawn* (I’ve had lots of naps this week after work!)

I made some cupcakes one afternoon to take to those I work with and the deputy head (who recently got married and has been super helpful), they were an instant hit! (Although my sisters did call me a suck up!) hehe šŸ™‚

On Friday we all lounged around at home and I finally got my parcel. I personably luuuurve getting parcels and this one was no exception. It was lovingly packed and for a first time purchase from Zara these trousers were gorgeous! I ordered two of the same in different colours and so glad i did, they fit sooooo nicely! I decided to wear them today, what do you think?

For the weekend I got up lazily late and took my time getting ready. We planned to stay in our home town rather than driving to london for a change. We went to town where some market stalls and activities had been set up. We saw some cool Morris dancers!

We ate lunch and then made our way to a golf driving range. We got a LOT of balls and it was quite stress relieving to whack out those balls, I even got some pretty good shots in by the end, nowhere near as good as these two though…

we kept seeing airplanes from the local airport fly low over us.

After golfing Amir wanted to check out the discovery centre next door so we went not sure what to expect. I am so glad we went! It had a mini museum with local history including some magnificent carriages (so want one) and other cool stuff. It caters well for families including a funky playground with a cafe for parents to relax in and some beautiful gardens and scenery. We strolled around enjoying the heat of the sun and the beauty of nature. Obviously we also decided to get a bit silly and take some cuckoo pictures šŸ˜‰


Amir seems to have ‘discovered’ Saq



found the entrance to a garden that looks like it came from the book ‘secret garden’


Amir proposed! Oh wait….we’re already married!

Saq the sculpture






Overall we had a really nice but relaxing day, strolled around in the lovely sunshine and lounged around once we got home. Am now in my pj’s watching Saturday night telly and intend to carry on chilling tomorrow too. Hope you all have a fab weekend, enjoy the weather and hope your having fun whatever you get upto šŸ™‚ X


5 thoughts on “A nice end to a busy week

  1. Beautiful photos!!! And your jeans look really cool!! I love getting parcels too, I’m expecting nearly four the coming week!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I liked this post: teaching, cupcakes, trousers and Morris dancers! Although the ones we saw at valentines park were better, they threw big sticks at each other. Next time I visit you, you can take us to see this museum

  3. I’m flattered that they have a sculpture of me there, after all I am a local treasure, but……I do wish they asked my permission first.


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