Russell Peters comedy show

Ages ago Amir had booked tickets for us all to watch Russell Peters comedy show at the O2 arena (I know I married a generous one there, shame he still leaves his socks everywhere, still no ones perfect I suppose..). We finally got to go last week!

We all left work early (well the boys did) to avoid the rush hour traffic, took us a while but we managed to get there early enough sparing us some time to eat dinner before we went in. I’ve been to the O2 arena once before to see the infamous Tutenkhamun exhibition (which was fabulous) and was excited to be there again, strangely it is not as big as I had always imagined it to be. Anyway I digress, we dined at a buffet place called Jimmy’s which was ok but wayyyyyy too busy. The food was….ok but I personally don’t enjoy buffets, I prefer a set menu for a set cuisine and good service and food. The business meant there was dregs of food left over, queues for all the good stuff and too much wastage.

We made our way to our seats afterwards which were a few flights of stairs up (I suffer from vertigo so clung tightly to side rails as we climbed) and relaxed in our seats enjoying the music being played and scratched by live DJ’s. The seats we had were quite high up from the stage but good enough to still be able to see the stage and those on it, not bad at all πŸ™‚




posing in the dark

Whilst we waited there were lots of slowpokes making their way in, flashing lights, LED adverts and waiting. As always and as expected the show started about 20 minutes late and started with an American comic making his way into the funny world. To be fair to him he was actually quite good and managed to get a good few laughs out of us which was cool.

After he left on came the star of the show. I’ve seen Russell Peters online before and do enjoy his jokes but found him to be rather repetitive with his jokes after a while. I hoped the show was not the same….
…and oh my! I was pleasantly and hilariously surprised!! Russell’s ability to be so quick witted and sharp with his jokes is definitely admirable. He picked on random people on the front row and spent a long while making complete and utter fools of them but without offending at the same time (well, I hope!). Personally for me I found it a little difficult to laugh (my teacher side coming out) at Russell taking raw chunks out of a ten year old bought by his mum. To be fair when tickets are sold it clearly says sexual content is contained so why bring a kid??? Beats me.

Still it was the source of many of his jokes throughout the show. We all laughed so hard at some of his material (the boys more than the girls….mostly at the jokes aimed at ‘men’, you know the type!). The good thing about Russell peters is that he often and subtlety refers to jokes about his own culture and throws in a few dirty or swear words into a punch line. This appealed to the majority of his audience as pretty much most of them were brown!! He also made jokes of other cultures and countries which have the chance for others to laugh at their own backgrounds.

I like the fact Russell is able to laugh at himself as much as he laughs at others and for me that is a sign of a good comedy act. He brings into his jokes his upbringing, family, background and personal relationships which make me wonder if he is always as jokey as he is on stage? He also by the end of the show gave a shout out to Prince Naseem and DJ Jazzy Jeff (didn’t know who this was until Amir told me it was Jazz from prince of bel air, ohhhh!) who were in the audience. I did look for them but didn’t see the πŸ˜‰

Overall by the end we were all tired of having had laughed so much throughout the show and left feeling it was money well spent. We were surprised at his quickness to create jokes so quickly and with such humorous effect, something which I think is difficult to achieve.

So for those wondering whether to buy a ticket for his show I would say go for it! I rate Russell peters as a great standup comic and long may his comedy reign πŸ™‚ definitely made out night anyway and I’m sure we all slept with smiles on our faces. X


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